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On Friday, Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, surprised both his followers and enemies by attending the International Quds Day rally in person to deliver an alive speech. His move, against the objection of his security personnel, shows his dedication for Palestinians dream of liberation of their ancestral homeland from the Jewish occupiers.

On July 1, 2007, Israeli daily YNet reported that Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah escaped an assassination attempt by Israeli Mossad and Arab intelligence agencies. It reported that Gen. Mohammed Dahlan, former security chief in Gaza and Saudi Prince Bander bin Sultan were also involved in the attempt.

Since the failed assassination attempt, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who took Hizbullah leadership in February 1992, after the assassination of Sheikh Abbas al-Mussawi by an Israeli helicopter gunship, has been addressing his followers via TV screen from his secret residence. This was his third appearance in public, which shows how important the liberation of Palestine is to him personally. Previously Nasrallah made public appearance on December 5, 2011 to address Ashura gathering at the Hassanein mosque in Beirut. Then on September 17, 2012 he appeared in public to defend the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) shown in anti-Islam movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’. The movie was produced by Sam Bacile and funded by American Jews.

Tobias Thiel, a Jewish student at the London School of Economics & Political Science, in his 14-page Ph.D thesis, entitled, ‘Prophet, Saviour and Revolutionary: Manufacturing Hassan Nasrallah’s Charisma’, admitted grudgingly.

“From remote Mauritanian villages toLebanese Christian households, Hassan Nasrallah is a mythic hero for his tour de force in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War. Since Gamal abd al-Nasser enchanted Arab youth in the 1960s, no politicalleader – and especially not a Shi‘a – has captured as many hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims. His staunchest supporters attribute god-like qualities to Nasrallah. Others would sacrifice their last ‘drop of blood’ to Hezbollah’s resistance. Young women – pious and secular alike – have even become romantically obsessed with the bearded cleric,” he wrote.

On August 3, Ibrahim al-Amin, editor-in-chief of Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, in an editorial, entitled ‘Smile and Let Them Die of Rage!’, said: “Yesterday, many were seething with anger at Nasrallah’s unexpected public appearance, his clear and firm speech, and his indifference to all inconsequential opponents and their deliriums. He was smiling, and pleasantly emotional. Smile, Sayyed Hassan, and let them die of rage!”.

The English translation of his speech in Arabic by Naharnet with my comments in bracket, is as follows.

They (enemies of resistance against Israel) are seeking to remove the Shiites of the Arab and Islamic worlds from the equation. We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic for all they are doing for Palestine and we will remain a vigilant and alert resistance to protect our country alongside the national Lebanese army and we send a big salutation to its command, officers, soldiers and wounded.

Whatever the doctrinal, religious or political dispute might be, Palestine must remain the main cause. We in Hizbullah will keep supporting Palestine and we’re keen on good ties with all the Palestinian forces, although we might have our differences sometimes over Syria and Palestine.

We in Hizbullah stress our commitment to these principles, for which our enemies and sometimes our friends criticize us. Our people are capable of defeating this scheme and Allah willing it will be defeated.

Where will this madness lead everyone? This is the responsibility of all the scholars and for the sake of the entire nation efforts must unite to defeat this destructive scheme. In Hizbullah, we have always and will continue to seek common denominators and to organize and postpone our differences, because the disputes have become destructive.

We call on everyone to realize the threats and exert strenuous efforts in every country to resolve its issue through dialogue and halt the bloodshed, in Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan and Somalia. Unfortunately, wherever these Takfiri groups go, there will be disasters. Anyone backing the Takfiri groups ideologically, financially and in the media and anyone pushing them to the battlefields bears the first responsibility for all the ongoing destruction.

Isn’t it time for the peoples of the region to point their fingers at the countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Egypt) that are sponsoring this destructive, spiteful scheme, which is the most dangerous scheme our region has witnessed.

Isn’t it time for the peoples of the region to realize that some parties (the US, EU, Israel) are seeking to destroy the region and its countries, armies and peoples. They don’t only want to fragment the nations but also to fragment the peoples into sects.

In Egypt, there is an acute political rift, but it is political and not sectarian. The same applies to Yemen, Tunisia and Libya. But when it comes to countries that have diversity, such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain, the political conflict is turned into a sectarian conflict and they invoke the conflicts of history.

What’s worse than this is that they gave some local conflicts a sectarian nature. They then used the so-called Shiite expansion and said the priority is confronting the Shiite threat because it poses a greater threat to the nation than the Zionist scheme. To many, Israel is not a threat and an enemy anymore.

Armies were equipped to fight Iran and satellite TV networks were established. Guarantees were given to the US that every tank obtained by the Arab states would not be used against Israel.

Unfortunately, some in the Arab world who are backed by the states and governments of the West are blocking and preventing this priority and are pushing peoples to endorse other priorities and are inventing new wars. First they spoke of the communist expansion and Palestine was forgotten and they spent billions and came up with books, conference and wars. Then they invented the Iranian and Persian expansion and a war that cost billions was waged against Iran. Had they spent only one tenth on Palestine, it would have been liberated.

All the massacres and plights that we suffered in Lebanon and the region can be attributed to abandoning the priorities and responsibilities. We must highlight the priority of this conflict with the Zionist scheme in Lebanon, Syria and Jerusalem. Accordingly, anyone who stands in the face of the Zionist scheme anywhere in our region and through any means, would be defending his country, people and the future of his children and grandchildren, in addition to defending Palestine.

Israel poses a threat to Jordan and its demise is a national Jordanian interest, it poses a threat to Lebanon and Israel’s demise is a national Lebanese interest. The removal of the usurper entity is in the interest of the entire Islamic world and the entire Arab world and it is also a national interest for every country in the region.

Israel poses a grave and permanent threat to all the states and peoples of this region and its capabilities, security, dignity, safety and sovereignty, and anyone who denies that would be practicing obstinacy. Therefore, it is not only an existential threat to Palestine’s people, but also to all the peoples and civilizations of the region.

Entire Palestine, from the sea to the river, must return to its people. No one in the world, no king, prince, Sayyed, leader, president or state has the right to give up a single grain of sand of Palestine’s land.

“Today, on August 2, 2013, we critically need to commemorate the occasion, and I thank all of you for heeding the call of Imam Khomeini,” concluded his speech.

Hizbullah is the only Arab force which has defeated the Jewish army so far. This is the very reason the US ambassador to Lebanon, Maury Connelly, president Michel Suleiman, Sa’ad Hariri and Samir Geagea have all called for disarming Hizbullah, a day before Quds Day. Connelly also said that she hope the new government under Tammam salam will be more closer to the US than Iran and Syria.

David Hale (a Zionist Jew), the new US ambassador-designate to Lebanon, blasted Hizbullah for supporting Syrian regime during his Senate confirmation hearing four days ago.

“Hezbollah’s active military support for the Syrian regime contradicts the Baabda Declaration, violates Lebanon’s disassociation policy, and risk Lebanon’s stability,” said Hale. Hale is Obama’s special envoy for the Middle East and has served in Lebanon as Deputy Chief of Mission from 1998 to 2001, and as a Political Officer from 1992 to 1994.

Shi’ites are the largest community in Lebanon. Both Shi’ites and Sunnis combined, Muslims are in majority in the country. The West has always supported the country’s Christian minority – fearing a pro-Palestine Islamic state next-door to the Zionist entity.

Listen to Sheikh Nasrallah’s Quds Day speech in Arabic below.

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