'New AIDS of the Americas' strikes in U.S. backyard and unleashed upon americans?

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'New AIDS of the Americas' strikes in U.S. backyard

​ Chagas disease may be the "AIDS of the Americas," according to an editorial in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, a periodical to which you're now happy you don't subscribe. The South American parasite enlarges the heart or intestines in about a quarter of its victims, and can only be treated by a strong drug attack in the first three months. It is spread by blood-sucking insects and can be passed from mother to child. Approximately eight million people in Central and South America and 300,000 people in the U.S. have the disease. It isn't a new disease; it's been around long enough to have been suspected of killing Charles Darwin.

And let me guess the statistics on this are less than 1% of people will actually get this. Just more fear porn and its nothing to worry about.

This probably greater chance of you tripping and falling then getting this!
Oh, and I love the line "and can only be treated by a strong drug attack in the first three months". For fuck sakes, doesn't that tell you right there that they want to drug you for no reason. Tell you that there's an outbreak, and when you are paranoid and go to the doctor with any of the "noted" symptoms, they once again tell you you have something you don't and drug you. God only knows what THIS drug is for. They've got many for sterilization, to actually GIVE you whatever they claim you had in teh first place, to kill you by means of making it look like something else (a side-effect perhaps?). So what's this one for? In any case, whatever it does, it's to reduce the population, you can bet on that one.
Could very well be. Genetically modified mosquitos to give injections to millions of people, and they don't need consent to do it. Again with the plausible deniability. It wasn't them, it was the mosquitos.
As long as you have two stories, or some thing that's happening that's so unbelievable plausible deniability will always work. Scientists are also taught to believe in Occam's razor anyways. So they will never believe the more unbelievable story. Definitely a good way to inject people, but whatever it is, it better work in small doses.