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1. The Dairy Myth: “Milk Does The Body Good”
We hear it so often that milk is good for us and an essential part of ones diet. The truth is, cows milk is meant to be consumed by baby cows, not humans. The effect milk has on the body is quite the opposite to what we are told. Milk draws calcium out of the bones making them weaker and the calcium from milk is not taken in by the body. Not only that, dairy is linked to being the cause of many health problems due to the fact we are not designed to consume it. READ FULL ARTICLE

2. The Protein Myth: “Eat Your Meat!”
Another “essential” part of our diet is said to be meat. We must get our protein from meat! This also is not true, in fact getting your protein from meat is not only an inefficient way of getting protein but it is extremely unhealthy. Like dairy, the body is not designed to consume meat and thus meat is the number one cause of a long list of health issues. READ FULL ARTICLE

3. The Fluoride Myth: “Fluoride Helps Prevent Tooth Decay”
How many times have we gone to the dentist and been given fluoride and told it helps prevent tooth decay? What about being sold on the idea it needs to be in our toothpaste and even in our drinking water? If you knew what the fluoride used in these practices really was and how its produced, you would think twice about what you have learned. Fluoride used in these practices is more toxic than both arsenic and mercury and actually rots your teeth. READ FULL ARTICLE

4. The Currency Myth: “Money Makes the World Go Round”
We assume money comes into our system as it’s printed and regulated by the government, but the truth is it doesn’t. Our money is loaned to governments by PRIVATE institutions with no affiliation to governments. This means that even as the governments get each dollar, debt is attached. That debt is then passed onto us, enslaving us all into constant perpetual debt. This one must be checked out. READ FULL ARTICLE

5. The Extra Terrestrial Myth: “We are the Only Intelligent Species That Exists”
We have heard this for years from sources all over that we must be the only intelligent species that exists in our galaxy and possibly the entire universe. The chances any life exists on other planets seems to be impossible! Or is it? The truth is our governments work hand in hand with at least two ET species and we have been in contact with many more. Why is this all being covered up? READ FULL ARTICLE

6. The Sun & Cancer Myth: “The Sun Causes Skin Cancer”
We hear all the time that we must lather our bodies up with sunscreen before we go out in the sun because the sun is something to fear. This beautiful ball of light is said to be a huge contributor to skin cancer. Did you know the sun has never been linked to causing skin cancer? Yet it is proven that sunscreens and a huge portion of daily skin products we use have KNOWN cancer causing agents. Sunscreen also blocks the intake of Vitamin D from the sun. READ FULL ARTICLE

7. The HIV Myth: “HIV Causes AIDS”
Does HIV actually cause AIDS? What is HIV? What is AIDS? The truth is the scientific community is heavily split when it comes to both HIV and AIDS. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence HIV causes AIDS and even further, there is no evidence HIV even exists. What there is evidence of is poorly designed test, huge amounts of profit and “HIV” drugs that actually cause full blown AIDS within 3 months. This myth will shock the world. READ FULL ARTICLE

8. The Cancer Myth: “Conventional Treatments and What They Don’t Want You to Know”
The Big C is one of the most feared diseases on this planet and has been supplied billions in an attempt to find a cure. The truth is Cancer is an extremely simple disease to cure and has been being cured for over 50 years. The simple cures can range from slightly more advanced practices to using simple household products. The fact is all methods do not involve the use of Chemo or Radiation which when you look at both it’s shockingly embarrassing that we are still using these treatments with all we know and understand about this disease. READ FULL ARTICLE PART 1 PART 2

9. The Global Warming Myth: “Humanity Causes Global Warming”
This is a good one as people are really becoming afraid of the effects we are having on Global Warming. this is of course due to the fact that corporations and politicians are convincing us we are the cause and we need to be taxed for it. The truth is CO2 makes up a tiny tiny portion of greenhouse gases and of that tiny portion of 3% is created by humans. We are not the cause of global warming it’s simply a natural cycle. READ FULL ARTICLE

10. The Big Myth: “This is How is Has to be”
Perhaps my favorite because of how powerful it is when you realize we do not have to be doing what we are doing today in terms of how we are experiencing life and all its facets on this planet. We are simply programmed and conditioned to think we are powerless in this world yet we have the ability to create something completely free and completely new. This is called the big myth because it ties each one together and gives us a look into how powerful we truly are by looking at some simple experiments. This is a must read. READ FULL ARTICLE

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