Suzanne Ward has posted her most recent monthly message from her deceased son Matthew that she channels on a regular basis. This particular posting includes some very interesting things about disclosure and I highly recommend that everyone interested read it all the way through.

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Energy of anticipation; ET disclosure TV program, background; "V," "2012" and other fear tactics; illness in Ukraine; power of love; god/goddess soul essence; children's bodies 3D to 4D; intuition, thoughts; duality's challenges; soul contract, pre-birth agreement

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November 19, 2009

This is Matthew to extend loving greetings from all souls at this station and to share with you our observations. In this moment "anticipatory" may be the best word to describe the collective feelings of enlightened souls—not exclusively pertaining to an announcement of our universal family's presence, but that is where a great deal of anticipation energy is being directed. Some of you are waiting calmly, yet with excited certainty; others who feel excitement also have a large measure of "get this show on the road" impatience; and in some of you the energy of eagerness is overshadowed by "show me" doubtfulness. Then there are the majority of peoples, those who have no idea whatsoever that official recognition of other civilizations is imminent.

Hatonn has agreed to speak about what is happening behind the scenes pertaining to the public announcement, and we turn over this forum to him.

HATONN: Thank you, Matthew, my friend. As an intergalactic fleet commander and director of multidimensional communication, I am knowledgeable about preparations for a globally televised program that will present evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Official recognition can't be further delayed because much has to be accomplished during this phase of universal activity. It's essential to repair the severe damage that has been done to Earth so she can regain her health and restore well being to her inhabitants, and there's no time to waste. We're here by Earth's request and God's authorization because we have the capacity and desire to help you, but your representatives are responsible for making decisions because this is your world.

The program announcing our presence is a complex undertaking. The numbers of folks who are expecting us and will greet us wholeheartedly are very few, and the program is being designed for the multitudes. It has to be presented without creating fear or undue backlash. There's formidable opposition to any recognition of our very existence, and the security of all persons involved in the program is a foremost consideration. When I say "security," I also mean the emotional security of all witnesses and other participants and their families, not only their physical safety—we have that well in hand.

The program can't be just film clips of spacecraft sightings. In some areas these are so numerous that it's ho-hum, they're back. There has to be solid evidence about our presence and that's where personal accounts come in. Testifying before a panel that pledges witnesses to secrecy is quite different from letting the world know their identities, and the same goes for the people who have been working with us or at least know why we are here. Some have been blackballed in their professions or declared delusional or crazy. In some cases families have been threatened and individuals killed by factions that don't want you to know we exist, especially not right here with you. Those in charge of the program want everyone who's willing to speak about personal experiences to feel emotionally secure doing it.

This is an international action and it's important that there is agreement among the governments involved. Major decisions have been made, but some details are still being discussed. Some of your representatives favor keeping the initial program brief and releasing information in increments so people won't feel overwhelmed. They propose a brief statement that many spacecraft seen during the past several years are from other civilizations, there's no reason to think any harm is intended, and more information will follow as it's compiled. Others want the program to answer all logical questions and some of our representatives tell how they've been to helping the planet through what you call the shift or cleansing. Some think it would be frightening to see us as we appear in our native lands—not all of us look like you. Others say it's necessary to show ourselves as we are to prove that we aren't from your civilization. Some think including live coverage of a mother ship decloaking is a good idea, others think it could be more threatening than reassuring.

What kinds of information to present on the program and how much can be covered without overload is being debated. Would it be helpful or overkill to explain that Earth is moving out of her regular orbit by intention and needs our help off and on the planet? Would that involve explaining that Earth is a soul? How much can be said about our technologies without alarming folks about how we might use it? Would it be foolish or comforting to say that our presence has prevented other civilizations from trying to invade Earth? To what extent should the cover-up be disclosed? What about admitting that your governments refused our offers of technology in exchange for ending weaponry development and wars that could annihilate you all? How would it affect your population to know that both dark and light beings from other civilizations have been living among you and influencing your way of life? Should the program include personal accounts of both positive and negative abduction experiences? What to say about the "little grays" that have been living for many years in underground cities? What mixture of scientific, political and religious spokespersons should be in the program?

There are differing opinions about when to air it. The United States government, once the most vocal in denying our existence, now favors the most extensive disclosure with maximum speed. A few of your representatives want more polls and strategic interviews to determine how much information your world is ready for. Some in both camps want every national leader to be personally told what will be in the program prior to show time and others think sending each one the program outline is enough diplomatic courtesy.

This vital decision-making process that started off slowly a year ago has reached the point that within a couple of months at the outside, this "Earth-awakening" program will be on the air. The movers and shakers with integrity, wisdom and spiritual conviction will not be swayed by threats, bribes, even assassination attempts by the ones who oppose them. You can call them Illuminati or the Elite, the cabal, New World Government or Secret Government, New World Order or the darkness, it's all the same. It's the disparate groups that are operating under the heavy influence of the dark forces, that vast force field of negative thought forms. That is too esoteric to give out on the program, but the full truth about this vast populated universe will be revealed as Earth progresses into higher energy planes.

I think that covers everything. Thank you, Matthew.

MATTHEW: Thank you, Hatonn. This is a good place for timely questions that are combined as, Will proof of extraterrestrial life make it easier for all of humanity to awaken spiritually to the Oneness of All with God? As greatly as we wish this for all Earth's peoples, we have to say that it is not likely. Proof of intelligent life beyond Earth does not automatically impart spiritual clarity to a third density civilization, and the majority of your world's population still is at that level. Of the many other long-hidden truths that will be revealed, the most difficult for many to accept is the origin and purpose of religions, and there will be strong resistance to accepting that truth regardless of how solid the evidence is. Without understanding that greedy, power-hungry individuals devised religious dogmas to control and divide the masses, to make God a fearful supreme being whose rules must be obeyed and that those self-serving individuals themselves made those rules, and that much of the information given by God's true messengers was distorted or omitted in religious books, there can be no spiritual clarity or growth of the soul.

Hatonn spoke of the formidable opposition to acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life. This includes creating fear about the motives of other civilizations, and the dark ones have been doing that through entertainment venues. While it may appear that the television show "V" was strategically planned after initial discussions a year or so back about officially recognizing other civilizations, producing that kind of viewing is just another means whereby seeds of fear have been planted throughout the ages. The same is true of the movie "2012," designed to evoke fearful thoughts that the world really may come to the kind of end that some fundamentalist religions are expecting. With "entertainment" catering to that belief and refreshing the fear about aliens, not to mention the many other popular entertainment forms based in violence, you can see why all aspects of the announcement program must be so carefully considered.

Fear is the dark ones' most powerful weapon against the light because the energy of fear not only forms a barrier between the consciousness and the soul, it refuels the darkness to keep it thriving. Another means of achieving that two-way objective as well as reducing the world's population was developing various strains of "flu" viruses. An important part of this diabolical scheme to create plagues, which during your history have caused massive fear and death tolls, was the conditioning of Earth's peoples to regard death as the ultimate in fear.

The mysterious illness striking in the Ukraine and spreading beyond its borders is a continuation of the dark ones' biowarfare. After failure to produce the intended global fear and death toll with the SARS, avian flu, and swine flu/N1H1 viruses, which were neutralized by our space family's technology, the darkly-inclined ones developed a combination of strains whose virulence cannot be destroyed with the same high degree of success as with those three lesser toxic laboratory-designed viruses.

The intended pandemic and death toll will not happen, but not all who become sick will recover. While some souls are dying in accordance with the longevity part of pre-birth agreements, others are leaving prior to contract fulfillment. In Nirvana those souls will find that completing their chosen third density karmic lessons is easier than in a physical lifetime because all learning—it is not learning new information, it is remembering what you know at soul level—is facilitated by the powerful love energy in Earth's spirit world. This is true of all souls who left or will leave prior to contract completion or whose petition to amend the original terms was or will be honored.

Another widespread fear is lack of the essentials that sustain life—clean air, food, and water—and the dark ones have been relentless in their efforts to befoul Earth's natural elements as well as deny billions of her residents even subsistence living conditions. Through long ages of instilling fear through mental conditioning and devising circumstances that engender fright, illness, suffering and death, the darkness has controlled Earth's peoples.

I want to address my statement in a previous message that several readers interpreted as my saying that genetically modified foods are not harmful. No, I was not saying that. I was giving those foods and one-season seeds as examples of the many ways the darkness conceives to adversely impact your lives and keep fear flourishing. Mother, please copy the part I am referring to.

"Other information in circulation also is designed specifically to create fear. For example, grains, fruits and vegetables produced by grafting have been consumed for decades with no adverse health effects, so from whence came the idea that "genetically modified foods" are harmful? The more recent production of seeds that cannot produce future crops is another matter—like other developments devised with dark intent, it also will be short-lived. Time is fast running out for anything and everything born of darkness!"

Thank you. In retrospect I see that my words did not clearly convey that genetically modified foods and non-reproductive seeds come from dark intent to create fear, but since my mother understood my meaning, neither of us realized that it should have been stated more clearly. I shall repeat that excerpt's last sentence, which has no ambiguity whatsoever: Time is fast running out for anything and everything born of darkness!

What the darkness had not reckoned with was your reawakening and reclaiming your god and goddess powers that let you shake loose from its control. This triumph for you is doom for the darkness, but even with all the evidence that their end is inevitable, the puppets of the dark forces will not accept defeat as long as they can arouse fear and panic. We know that many enlightened souls often ponder how best to serve the light. We say, hold your light steady and send forth beams of unconditional love to Earth—the energy of love, which is the same energy as light expressed differently, is far more powerful than the energy of fear!

We understand that when you see your world in turmoil with so many enduring sorrow, hunger, disease and poverty—and those are the focus of news reports—it is difficult to always see the love, beauty and goodness that is even more prevalent in your world. It always is surrounding you in abundance, much of it unseen with your eyes, but so close to you in spirit. When headlines "are too much with you," visualize the world of peace and love that you know awaits in your timing and already is manifested in universal timing. Allow feelings of joy and love to flow into and from your heart—love is inestimable in its capacity to uplift you and all who are around you, and this energy is so powerful that it radiates into distant lands.

Yet not everyone will choose to embrace this energy because it entails opening minds to many truths, and paramount among them is the Oneness of All, the inseparability of all souls with God and Creator. Please do not be saddened if persons very dear to you cannot "see the light," and please do not feel it is your responsibility to urge them. Everyone will awaken in his or her own timing—if not in this lifetime, then in another with the same opportunities to grow spiritually. At whatever station you and souls you love may be, eternal love bonds forever unite you—life is eternal, the soul is immortal!

If I'm having trouble seeing myself or anyone else as a god or goddess, will this reduce my chances of ascending with Earth? Anyone whose self-identity is based on a perception of a "godly" appearance is looking outside instead of knowing inside. According to the gender each of you chose for this lifetime, you are designated as either a god or a goddess, but that differentiation is not important—knowing that every one of you is a part of God IS! God is androgynous, the balance of feminine and masculine energies, and those have nothing at all to do with gender, but rather soul essence.

It could be helpful and equally accurate to think of humanity as that essence instead of individual gods or goddesses, which only signifies the gender choice of each soul for this lifetime. Because this could give rise to questions about transsexual persons, I repeat that it is essence—not form and features or sexuality or gender—that constitutes a soul. It is the choices each of you makes in using that essence that constitutes living in "godly" ways or not. Everything in our universe is eternally interconnected with and inseparable from God, by whatever name, and every soul is a part of that Oneness. Knowing this, feeling this, is part of the spiritual growth that enables ascending into higher densities.

Will babies and children make the ascension journey with Earth? Unless these souls chose very short incarnations to benefit themselves and all others in the pre-birth agreement, yes, indeed they will go along with Earth.

What physical changes will children undergo as they shift into 4D bodies? Some souls who recently came in have bodies with crystalline cellular structure, and those who don't will experience less upsetting physical and emotional symptoms than adults whose bodies also are changing from carbon-based to crystalline. Part of adults' adjustment is the uprooting and discarding of thought patterns that form belief systems and behavior patterns burdened by cellular memory. Children simply have not lived long enough to be as heavily indoctrinated and they respond more quickly and positively to the higher vibrations than most adults. Many souls who embodied during the past few years consciously know their God connection and are aware of their rightful place in our universal family—that innate knowledge did not get "lost" in their third density bodies. It is devoutly hoped that the parents chosen by these infants and youngsters will preserve rather than thwart their children's unusual degree of curiosity that is born of ancient wisdom.

How can we know what is intuition and what is our own thoughts? Intuition is an instantaneous reaction to a new situation or new information and is a sensation more than a "full blown" thought. What you call a "fleeting thought" may be intuition, but if your impression of the situation or information comes after a pause and has clear mental focus, then it is a thought. Pondering or analyzing any issue is your own thoughts about it. You could think of intuition as the signal that motivates you to take instant action in accordance with your spontaneous reaction or to seriously think about why you had that reaction—perhaps a lifesaving measure or a job change, respectively.

"We seem to be confronted more than ever with our `dark' issues. Is there a 'deadline' on dealing with those feelings, attitudes, emotions, addictions, etc. or should we just acknowledge them and we will simply outgrow them as we evolve into 4D existence?" This contemplation goes directly to the core of third density's duality—the spectrum of human emotions, characteristics and behavior—and souls' multiple lifetimes to experience and overcome duality's pitfalls.

Although you could say there is the deadline of mortality for completion of chosen experiencing in each incarnation, there is no such deadline within the timeless continuum where multiple lifetimes—the soul's experiencing personages, each its own independent and inviolate self—are happening simultaneously. It is difficult to comprehend something that cannot be remembered as personally experienced and for which there is no conscious frame of reference, like life without linear time and a soul comprising many independent soul-personages, but we shall do our best to explain what you do know at soul level.

In your galaxy, Earth is one of the best schoolhouses for learning to deal with duality—that' s why you are there. Graduation, so to speak, is mastering duality's many challenges and evolving into fourth density, where duality doesn't exist. It may require only a few lifetimes or many hundreds for a soul's personages to have thoughts, emotions, motives and activities with positive, or light, vibrations rather than those with negative, or dark, vibrations.

Each lifetime in Earth's spirit world is in preparation for the next incarnation, the soul's next personage. The soul reviews its most recent physical life and in the process, not only sees every moment throughout the lifetime, but feels all of its own emotions and the emotions of everyone with whom it interacted. Depending on how closely the soul adhered to its pre-birth agreement with the other souls who participated in the lifetime, you could say that this review process is the "heaven" and "hell" of religions.

However, the review, like karma, is neither reward nor punishment. It is evaluating the immediate past lifetime in the context of all personage lifetimes and determining what is needed to fill gaps or strengthen weaknesses in the collective experiencing. Because the goal of every soul is spiritual evolvement, one who is lagging may request advice from an "old soul" with advanced awareness, and a soul whose life review was lax will be guided by more experienced souls in selecting what it needs in its next personage life.

In spirit worlds the Oneness of All is known, and advice and guidance are given with unconditional love. That also is the basis on which souls agree to share a lifetime, including those who accept the "heavy" roles that give others the chance to experience what they need for spiritual growth. Because souls are inseparable yet function independently as personages, the evolution of one contributes to all. The reverse, devolvement, is just as true, so it is in all souls' best interests to assist each other. That "motivation" explanation is only to show souls' willing cooperation, because unconditional love is much more than the basis for pre-birth agreements and guidance, it is the very makeup of the soul.

With love abounding, it is logical to wonder how any soul can become dark. It is by being weak-willed and giving over godself's powers to an entity that holds forth rewards of fortunes and control in return for greedy, ruthless, dishonorable, dictatorial actions. That entity is known as the dark forces, the vast force field of negative thought forms, and a soul who is lured by those rewards aligns itself and its actions with those thought forms, drops from its Beginnings in the light, and sinks into darkness.

Now then, a soul's selection for each physical lifetime starts with parents for genetic, cultural and environmental reasons and it chooses specific skills, talents, interests, personality traits—everything that makes an individual unique. That composite along with intended interactions with all who will be sharing the lifetime becomes the new personage's soul contract, its part of the pre-birth agreement.

A newborn has full awareness of the contract provisions, but they fade as the baby adjusts to the needs of a dense body and to parental conditioning. As the child grows, influence from peers, teachers and other authority figures comes into the lifetime. Not only has everything in the soul contract been forgotten, but there is pressure to conform to others' standards and expectations. The soul keeps in touch with its personage through conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspirations to "nudge" the personage along the course of the contract. But the desire to express one's free will is strong indeed and therein lie duality's challenges: To which end of the spectrum are the personage's interests, desires and goals heading, into the light or the darkness?

Now let us put all of you and all of that background into this moment that is unprecedented on Earth, indeed in the universe. In brief—because this has been extensively covered in various previous messages—Earth chose to leave third density, but because she was too weakened by negativity to do it alone, she asked for help. One form of assistance is the in-pouring of feminine, or goddess, energy to balance the long-dominant masculine energy that was the source of negativity. The "mingled" energy is magnifying all emotions and characteristics, and the differences between light and dark tendencies are increasingly noticeable. This "wheat and chaff" situation lets you more clearly see yourself –the conduct of others provides a mirror for you.

There is a universal "window" for Earth's ascension and the linear clock is ticking. She is assured of reaching her destination in good time, but if you want to physically go along, you must wind up third density karmic lessons, just as you chose in your soul contract. Remembering that the soul nudges your consciousness in accordance with that contract, uncomfortable feelings about self are important messages. So far from this being a time of merely acknowledging discomfort with your attitudes or behavior, it is an opportunity with time limits to change them.

Evolving from third density into fourth does not happen simply because you're on the planet and the planet is ascending. Your evolution comes with heeding conscience and intuition and the other wisdom your soul is giving to guide you in alignment with your contract. It comes with self-introspection, acting with honor, respecting all of Nature's life forms, discerning truth from falsity, emulating but not copying persons whom you greatly respect, and not judging others. It comes with recognizing and feeling grateful for the blessings in your life, with forgiving yourself and others for perceived injustices. It comes with living from your heart, the seat of your soul.

Never are you alone in your journey of self-discovery and evolution! Always the infinite arms of God—angels, spirit guides and free spirits, beloved souls in Nirvana, souls from spiritually advanced civilizations, and the energy of Christ consciousness manifested as love and light and unsurpassed in its powers—are with you.

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