An important message from the Kogi methods
Thursday, March 5, 2009

My eye fell on The Elder Brothers by Alan Ereira1, half hidden between new books displayed. The subtitle, 'A lost South American people and their message about the fate of the earth' [a forgotten South American nation and its message about the fate of the earth], the control. The cover members were given an unknown Indian, in neat cotton dress with conical hats on their heads, against a background of mist shrouded hillsides diapers. Alan Ereira, historian and film director / producer, was approved by the Kogi Indians of Colombia selected for their message to the world across. Did his TV film From the Heart of the World (British Broadcasting Corporation, London), can you see the article, and in his book The Elder Brothers.

In the thirties many of us were touched by Lost Horizon by James Hilton, with its Shangri-La, a city deep in the Himalayas, controlled by a method lama, where peace and harmony prevailed. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is not fiction. Its two mountain tops, almost 6000 meters high, apparently from the sea to rise in Colombia and are the habitat of the Kogi. They have thousands of years of faith and in harmony with the Great Mother lived and followed an ancient wisdom which ensures that all things are rooted in the divine. All things, if they believe exist in the mind of the Creator before they finally come out. The spirit pervades every thing. This binding thread of spirit of the Creator before it finally is. The spirit pervades every thing. This binding thread of spirit, called Aluna is central to the Kogi philosophy.

An enlightened teacher, Mama Valencia, says:

Everything we do is not only an event in the physical world but also in the spirit world. We live in a world in which the mind is formed. Every tree, every stone, every river has a spirit form, invisible to the Younger Brother. This is the world of Aluna, the world of thought and spirit. Aluna includes intelligence, soul and fertility: it is the raw material of life, the essence of reality. The physical world is and will form life and productive capacity of Aluna and the work of Mama occurs in Aluna. - P. 63

Because the Kogi-elders or Mama's seers and a mystery school have passed, they have the natural ability to penetrate to higher areas and are hidden causes. They understand the essential truth of the saying 'as above, so below. "If the younger brother in his vanity, driven by greed and ambition, thinks that he controls things, the planet and our lives are considered endangered. The force of the Law of the Great Mother disturbed.

The way of life of the Kogi - welcome to those of earlier - is a deliberate choice on their part, rooted in a deep sense of duty to the will of the Great Mother and to the welfare of the planet system. Other peoples of the New World were not overcome by the invaders, or tempted to believe that they were inferior compared to the race that 'progress' as equals with their life in a limited sense. Many were Christians in the belief that it would be considered civilized. The Kogi have the Spanish word civilizados ( 'civilized'), but when it is applied to the Younger Brother expressed contempt for the Western understanding of that word. The word 'civilization' is an invention of the seventeenth century but was by Dr. Samuel Johnson is not included in his Dictionary, under the fact that only one copy of 'civility' (politeness). Since then, 'civilization' is used for almost everything that distinguishes man from animals. Almost every culture sees her life as the highest performance of all time.

Although many of the Kogi philosophy is unknown, that we are not taking new doors "to open our horizons. The end product is a strong belief in brotherhood and respect for the earth. But how will the intellectual man of the world respond? You may have millions of TV viewers From the Heart of the World seen a lot less people will read the book. The film gives a glimpse of the pure heart and mind of this people, but Alan Ereira's adventure fully experience should read the book. Every paragraph deserves attention and create appeal. From Ereira's involvement with the Kogi, their elders or Mama's, you'll have in my opinion a good idea. The message suggests that they bring - as generally seen from many sources - that the world is an awakening of spiritual consciousness and that in response daarop'de gods come from their concealment and again their voices heard.

Is there ever a time when humanity was not encouraged to come up - its inner possibilities for development and to a higher moral, mental and spiritual level than she has ever known? The proof is obvious: it lies in the existence of great souls who, as history has recorded, lighting, and because they once were ordinary people like ourselves, they could inspire the masses and thus associate. How much larger is the number that no evidence of their existence has failed? The Kogi are telling us repeatedly that the Supreme in our lives. In a modest way they see themselves as "simple people" that aims to volunteer always in harmony with the Great Mother to work. Few outsiders were sufficiently apprehensive and stamina to hold teaching of the Mama's to receive.

Is the genesis of the Kogi not familiar?

In the beginning there was darkness.
Only the sea.
In the beginning there was no sun, no moon, no people.
In the beginning there were no animals, not plants.
Only the sea.
The sea was the Mother.
The mother was not the people, it was not something.
Absolutely nothing.
It was when it was dark.
It was memory and power.
It was Aluna. - P. 115

Mama is the name the Kogi to the Great Mother, the sun, or one way or enlightened teacher (male or female). In the Inca pantheon Mama Ocllo is consistent with the Egyptian Isis.2 Even if this Mother 'Space' is, how universal, is it not emptiness but a life, a revelation of something. The wisest among modes gave her no name. The Hindus call her Parabrahman, 'beyond Brahman' or boundless. Unnamed this effect nevertheless a reality and there is nothing that is not derived, is not supported and maintained.

Although most American natives no script failed, there is no doubt that they are with nature and the Great Spirit identified. The first invaders from Europe took slaves, gold, silver and jewels that. Vol shipment eagerness priests used every means to make converts. They had no appreciation for indigenous cultures and did their best to eradicate. The little that we know of many American cultures, is borrowed from Spanish reports. Alexander Humboldt, a man of universal interests, was in the beginning of the nineteenth century Colombia. He visited the famous saint of El Dorado (The Golden Man ") that such a major attraction for the Spaniards had exercised. He took the descriptions and drawings of Inca and Mayan temples back to Europe.

In 1915 was Hiram Bingham, an American, the first excavations at Machu Picchu, the sacred Inca city. Among the members of his team was OR Cook, a botanist, a man with an open mind. Our tendency the ancients regarded as uncivilized, their buildings usually as sacrificial altars, fortresses, or gods and goddesses sacred temples - all acts of barbarism. Cook contributed to this change. He showed that the prehistoric walls and terraces were built to rocky hillsides and canyons to change in agricultural land. In all cases, Cook discovered that behind selected soil of distance was introduced, which was then deposited in layers to an ideal mix for the agricultural market. This unknown people had focused on the art of farm land and therefore the welfare of the community. What was done on a large scale has never been equaled elsewhere thousands of years and should have taken.

The Kogi, the contemporary keepers of the Tairona civilization, have succeeded to a large force majeure to remain faithful to their mountain refuge. Four hundred years, they must fight to make slave traders, land thieves and looters, and fanatical missionaries in our own time with hostile drug dealers warring politicians and murderers. In the sense that this hermit nation "had his neck out 'by the public to make Ereira established a trust fund to help them regain their rights and to some of the coastal area, which they formerly belonged, to recover . From bitter experience, the Kogi learned that they had nothing to gain with hospitality. Their first words to a stranger are: 'When will you? "Alan Ereira was a rare' gringo 'to which the Kogi treated with respect, his skill as a writer to them for decision, and it toestemde over a year of teaching Mama's to receive.

Why the tribe finally decided that the time for their message now been broken and why is important for their attempts to save the planet? They suggest that the world was created by Serankua, the Son of the Mother, before humans existed. Long ago the whole of humanity a common belief: there were no Younger Brothers. Allen acknowledged their obligation to the Creator for their worldly blessings. It is understandable that everything must be paid - the game that served food, the air we breathe and everything we need to live.

When the Younger Brother of mechanical things was, it was clear that the application of the destruction of Mother Earth would. There was no place for them in the holy land. Serankua, who recognized the danger, said:
'Let's send them to the other side and so they respect us and not over, I make a partition - the sea' (p. 74).

The Kogi message, transmitted by the Mama's in the Chibcha language in nuhue (ceremonial house) was in Spanish and then translated into English. The translation is something of the primitive majesty from.

After hundreds and hundreds of years
put on the Younger Brother from another country,
says Mama.
Señor Columbus3 Christopher came to this country
and immediately saw the riches
and shot and killed many natives.
He took the gold here.
Sacred gold, gold masks,
all types of gold.
They took as much.
Much. - P. 59

Younger Brother thinks
'Yes! Here I am! I know many of the universe! "
But know this is learning the world to destroy
everything to destroy
the whole of humanity. - p. 197

As Younger Brother is among us,
violates Younger Brother
the basis of the law of the world.
A total offense.
Road construction,
Oil from the ground get
minerals. - p. 196

If all Kogi die, do you then, Younger Brother,
you can stay alive?
Many stories are told
that the sun will extinguish,
the world will come to an end.
But as we all well and good thinking it will not end.
Therefore we still
the sun and the moon and the country. - p. 166-67

The civilization which we boast embodies that which the spiritual man is capable of. In his Aspects of Occult Philosophy says G. Purucker as the core of our problem - that is so difficult to grasp for our dominant culture that pervades the whole world: 'What man sins in his mind. Sin is in the choice of action '(p. 72). Now it's clear what HP Blavatsky referred to in The Secret Doctrine when they gave the reason why 'a number of selected portions of the old wisdom, after thousands of years of silence again see the light:' The world of today. . . develops quickly in the opposite of the spiritual, ie the physical area. '(I: 6). The modern man is on a large scale to the conviction that he is not the spirit was born. Whether he is aware of its divine origin or not, he uses, as something that is evident, a sacred gift: freedom to choose, guided by his intellect. If this gift only for our own purposes - clearly said, selfish - we do it in spite of the examples of the opposite of selfishness everywhere in nature around us. That is, I believe what is meant by development on the opposite of the spiritual, ie the physical area. "

In the bottom of our hearts - our beliefs and despite good intentions - we know better. The Kogi-Mama's see it clearly, they are not naive. They are not moved by pious judgments, defenses, apologies and deep-seated belief that no one is looking and that we may be undermined. If what we are doing is destructive to other people, the lower nature and cover a living planet that mankind houses, is it too much to ask for direction change - let's say 180 degrees?

Sadness and loss are not things we like to transfer. But nor can the power of good intentions evil, which has already been done, undone. Good intentions are not enough. The core of the problem is that there are people who do not stop for money to plunder the earth, until forced to do so by the rising tide of public indignation. Apparently nothing is sacred to those who are resolved to the planet of its resources to rob. The next generation is not envisaged. Exploitation of other people did not stop with the abolition of slavery and serfdom. Our ingenuity knows no end. The Kogi-Mama's see us as we have many Young Brothers.

The latter by the 'intellectual' resorts is: "What are your evidence that the Kogi-insiders have more insight than our doctors in philosophy, to the universities to their students for life?" Compare the practical meaning of the Kogi to ours: while they have little devices that we see as necessities, they have no homeless or starving, no gangs, no banks, no 'working mothers', what changes they need in their homes have them. They do not feel at a disadvantage because they do not have malls.

There was an Alan Ereira Mama assigned to him in fundamental teachings to educate him in the ceremonial lodge welcome. At one point, the pupil to the teacher a question about the creation. He was told that there was no time alone by taking the titles of the chapters would require nine evenings. The details would require nine times nine evenings. "We will tell you what you really need to know." As we conclude that The Elder Brothers on the same logic is based. The Kogi message is limited to what the younger brother can receive.

Current scientists have begun an investigation into the world of sleep, we third of our lives, but they really understand the causes of death or birth? The Kogi Mama-knows that only by the reality of the soul and spirit to recognize the divine side of human nature can be developed.

In the days that followed was Javier (Rodriguez) a source of information on the Kogi. He told me that Mama's from their childhood in the dark and are raised only in the light be admitted if their education after two periods of nine years is completed. Nine is the number for completeness is required, as a fetus nine months months in the womb and spend nine worlds. There are also people who are called moro, he said, and their education is a further two periods of nine years. The latter, I would never meet, they live high in the Sierra and speak only with the Mama's. They are the oracles that the final policy. It is these beings that the approach of the end of the world have seen. Later I discovered that the word moro for any student who is studying to be a Mama. It seems possible that some students only after their thirtieth year in the light admitted. . . The Kogi are highly ascetic and preparing for important moments for fasting, through meditation and sexual abstinence; contact with someone who is still trapped in the gross physical world, as they believe, this preparation will suffer. The moro's Javier would have their life in this elevated position and would therefore be impossible for me ever to face, but he indicated that their eyes were focused on me. - P. 77 -- 8

Anyone who is able to see the pure virtues of the Bushmen, Australian aborigines, the Athapasken, the Seminole Indians of the Hopi's, will not have trouble with the Kogi. They bear the stamp of majesty: the recognition of the divine in the heart of everything. This noble dignity is reflected in their concern for their much younger brother.

Raymond Rugland

1. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1992, 243 pp, isbn 0-679-40618-2 bound.
2. 'A Land of Mystery ", HP Blavatsky, The Theosophist, March 1880, p. 160.
3. The symbolic name for all intruders

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