New book "The world of Monsanto


New book "The world of Monsanto"
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This week an alarming book, by Marie Monique Robin. She writes on the basis of never before published documents and testimonies of victims, scientists and politicians that the genetic company Monsanto knew very well how dangerous PCB's on humans, nature and environment were and are. (The English translation (Marianne Gaasbeek) is Thursday 18 June presented in Maison Descartes in Amsterdam.)

Also outlines a vision of a powerful company that sometimes a hat plays with the U.S. government and that makes products that are harmful to humans and animals. The Dutch translation of the same documentary recently appeared in Living Color Entertainment.

Lucas Reijnders professor of environmental science at the University of Amsterdam, this is nothing new under the Sunday Listen to this snippet of the early birds.

More information about Monsanto and the book can be found at