Verchipping of society
Thursday, February 19, 2009

'Verchipping' of society

... And it makes it all
small and large,
the rich and the poor,
the free and the slaves
a mark is
on their right hand or on their forehead
and that nobody can buy or sell
when that character, the name of the beast
or the number of his name, does not bear.
Here is wisdom needed.
Who minds, it can calculate number of the beast,
because it is the figure of a man,
and his number is six hundred sixty-six.

Book Revelation 13:16-18

More and more people begin to wake up. There is turmoil everywhere. The climate collapse threatens to collapse, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires and other disasters ravage our planet. Dramatic wars are fought, partly under the influence of the war on terror. Diseases, epidemics and famine scourged mankind. Many are beginning to see more going on. In orders W W W ij field? There is ample attention given. This article is mainly on the chip, which in Chapter 3 of the book, "The danger of the chip, more to read.

New world order and chip
About the chip and the dangers of some electronic systems, the last time the established newspapers and magazines increasingly published. Also on the subcutaneous microchip. Gradually start something to the public at large to penetrate. Many are still unaware of the dark forces behind a number of electronic resources are. Through a carefully prepared agenda for the next years route plotted. A route for humans to fully submit to them a new fascist world order (NWO) for, as was previously attempted in Hitler Germany.

Was it was partly due to the punched cards machine (forerunner of the computer), developed by Herman Hollerith and the American production by Dehomag, the German subsidiary of IBM, that the eradication of Jewish people, Gypsies, Gay, weak gifted, disabled and many others could take place,
now to bring a large part of humanity to control or decimate the RFID chip and subcutaneous microchip. IBM is busy ensuring that by 2010 nano chip to have a chip that is invisible to the eye. Nanotechnology works at a billionth of a meter.


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Re: Verchipping of society part two Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Digital Angels Companies have begun using the chip with a dance to billions. An international power elite, which all cross-connections with industry, arms manufacturers and secret societies, NWO tries again to achieve. Who makes this power elite is emerging everywhere. Same names, same company, the same politicians. Waren at the time of the Second World War, secret societies like Thule, vril, RTD (Ordo Templi Orientis) and some druid societies in the background all determined now are the societies like Skull and Bones, Illuminaten, Bilder Bergers, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations ) and the Trilateral Commission rule.

Step by step
One of the components of the hidden agenda is the chipping of humans. But that can only be achieved step by step. First we need to get used to the idea of the chip. The attacks of September 11 (according to numerous reports staged) and various other attacks have created a climate in which man is always easier to manipulate in his privacy.

Under the guise of 'security' are countless numbers ready 'something' of their freedom to make, not realizing that step by step their freedom at stake.

The war on terror was a clever and sinister turn. It was the start of a total revolution on our planet towards new world order, an order in which fascist forces the power to take over the planet (a new type Drittes Reich).
A policy also provided by the martial law (martial) dictatorship can be established. A world order in which the government (a topelite), supported by a world army, will determine. The current (modified) conflicts between religions will disappear. For the expression of a spiritual life will hardly be greater. The weak will die from diseases and epidemics and those that remain in many areas will be monitored. As slaves. Mind Control will be central. Through the control of the media, labor, energy, science, technology, religion, art.

After the cold war, the red and yellow danger, fascism and Nazism is now the war on terror created by the 'threat of Islam "a total change in the psyche of countless numbers achieved by an appeal to do with fear. In the shortest possible time there were anti-terror laws, safety committees, special secret services of ministries and departments, terrorist fighter. Millions of cameras and spying on us everywhere screening systems, databases arise as mushrooms from the ground, digital paspoortjes well. Biometric passports, fingerprint and iris scan will be required for everyone. According to the model of the CFR provides a small elite 70% of the decisions in the EU. And that everything outside the democracy! In the air thousands of spy satellites, in conjunction with GPS and the European Galileo system will soon be completed in all the holes can take. Meanwhile let our many secretly or openly imported digital traces passes over central computers and store all our data, the government says so. New York (Pentagon), Brussels (NATO and EU), Amsterdam and London for example, know better. The main system for the control of humanity will be conducted through the chip. And it is very hard on it. Step by step. You would like that much money, time and energy would be spent, for example, 80,000 people per day to hunger, thirst, lack of shelter, disease and cold die, including 26,000 children ... A completely different 'war on terror. "


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Re: Verchipping of society part three Thursday, February 19, 2009

From barcode to RFID chip and subcutaneous
Large scale Digital Angels Companies working the bar, which practically all articles, objects, pharmaceuticals, military parts, clothing and various other matters has been confirmed, by the RFID chip. Many are not aware of the RFID chip, as shown by research. The RFID system (Radio Frequency IDentification) is using radio waves and consists of an RFID tag (short tag) and an RFID reader. The tag is not bigger than a grain of sand and consists of a microchip with mini antenna, which is always in a certain shape is cast, otherwise the antenna can break. The chip is programmed with a unique identification number that refers to more detailed information stored in a database. Is the chip in the range of the reader, the data on the chip via radio waves are read and converted into digital data that can be stored in a database. The RFID chip is an intermediate. Soon, the nano chip out. The bar is based on number 666, the number of the beast ', as described in Book Revelation (13:16-18). The new chip is aimed at a 18-fold-digit, together with the base: 666 (3 x 6 = 18).

Health threat
If just any product 'getagt' has for distributors and suppliers were advantages. Scanning is quick and efficient. Fog, snow, ice, rust, paint, plastic or otherwise impede the scanning does not. The radio waves go through a cross. But also by us! With all the adverse consequences. Scientific research has demonstrated that electromagnetic energy (known as EMF's: E lektro M agnetic F ields), which is emitted by mobile phones and RFID readers, damage to DNA. The European Union funded research project REFLEX, this after four years of study demonstrated. Body cells exposed to electromagnetic energy, showed "a remarkable increase of single and double breaks in DNA strands. Mutant cells as a possible cause of cancer considered. Franz Adlkofa, leader of the project, advises us to use a fixed telephone line and wireless phone DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications). Like the wireless mouse from the computer, mobile phone, UMTS masts and many other wireless equipment is the DECT phone is increasingly seen as a cause of many physical and psychological complaints.

The last word on this is certainly not yet said. On June 6, 2006, according to a now obsolete Swiss University of Zurich UMTS masts are not harmful to health. We now know better. New reports are piling up, which clearly shows that genes may change as long as they are exposed to electromagnetic fields, such as frequent and prolonged use of a mobile phone. (1) also warned that the sperm to 30% may decrease as a man his mobile phone to his belt or in his pocket is. (2) A mystery that the government is not the "precautionary principle" observe: when reasonable doubt about potentially adverse effects on human health may be waived by the award of UMTS and GSM masts and the use of certain electronic devices and systems. But yes, the government itself is concerned in this issue and deserves billions in contracts with various telecommunications companies and ancillary industries.

How long do we still hide the lies? How long will the government remain silent? Increasingly unite to thousands of doctors in European countries (including the Freiburger Appell). They call to stop all kinds of electromagnetic systems. About the ravages of war electronic industry (including HAARP, electromagnetic weapons) damage in respect of the health of humans, animals and plants, many people do not think whether there are not fully aware of ... and what food to the hand is a separate chapter. The book 100 years of medical lies Randall Fitzgerald (with a foreword by HC Moolen Burgh) makes that very clear. Our health is almost daily poisoned by medicines and food, as long as we do not make conscious choices.

First, the animals, then people
The secret agenda of the global elite, it is envisaged that the first animals, the weak and sick people or those who have become practically rights (prisoners) to chipping. And then the rest ... If we get used to it already a bit. Science fiction? Read a few of the books at the bottom of the article, especially the book of Estulin.

Secret agent and author George Orwell, pseudonym of Eric Blair, except in 1984 also wrote the famous book Animal Farm. In the last chapter is on the penultimate page in large letters, the famous text that every secondary pupil a few decades ago was: 'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. "Animal Farm is primarily a satire on the Russian revolution at the time of Stalin and secondary an indictment against the man-animal. After films such as our daily food, the growing awareness of the suffering that animals are affected, and the emergence of the Party for Animals wants to almost every political party or something for the animals do. Animals are in, and provides voices. Everywhere croak, gemekker, bray and squeal in the political parties. As for the animals. Few, however, stop with the lock and eating of animals. Economic profit is not exchanged for material gain. And Orwell was not a vegetarian as Pythagoras, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Einstein, Goethe, Da Vinci, Tolstoy and many others. But it also says not all. Hitler was a vegetarian ...

From sex sex sex '
"Everything is moving on two feet is an enemy '(the animal), so the first of the seven offered in Animal Farm. Even the Buddha said that the man of sex to sex animals sex and lakes of blood geplengd. Man as animal rationalization (Aristotle) is since the industrial revolution in merciless towards animals. The animal is a profit item, use an object become. The relationship with the animal, with nature as a whole, for many disappeared. The desecration of the creation has begun.
The controversial but influential Australian philosopher and ethicus, Professor Singer (1946), was with his book Animal Liberation international reputation. His book, a plea for vegetarianism, the ruthless methods of animal testing in laboratories, bio-industry and brutal massacres of animals to the jaw. Numerous animal liberation movements used the book as a basic philosophy for the animal to stand up. Singer itself expressly disclaims any form of violence. Animal Liberation should therefore never be a justification for violence. The discussion about animals and animal should decent, democratic and I think the principle of Gandhi's ahimsa (nonviolence) are to be. Fortunately most people who choose to defend the animal for this method.

The big chip game
Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre protesting for years against the implantable microchip and the RFID chip, which the world's markets. Their CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion And Numbering) protesting not only against RFID in supermarkets and schools, but also against the subcutaneous chip in people and animals. They refer to reports which clearly show that increasingly tumors occur in animals that are already gechipt. (3) The public seems unaware or ignorant messages waved this away.

From 2011, all dogs in the Netherlands under the chip. That was the message from Minister Gerda Verburg (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). Of course, lost animals or owners who neglect their animals early detection. And what about the theft of your pet or for kidnapping a laboratory? Moreover, you can just as all animals are much better gechipt certain pandemics among animals follow.
You could almost look for as many 'sensible' reasons that will be invoked. Many animal organizations responded positively to the chip. The animals (which is the note 'Animal' by Verburg criticizes) & Animal Care, Animal Insurance, Pet Rural Information Center (LICG), they all want to participate. Indeed, the chip is animal, easily detectable, a lifetime, the animal feels nothing and chip ontsiert his body. Advertising widely. June was even month of the chip called.
The Party for Animals, which chooses the chip above the ugly tattoo or ear tag, also seems unaware of the hidden background of the chip. However, there is material enough to find out. Striking is the growing resistance to a number of holders of horses. Known was the 'Group Nijhof, supported by including Anky van Grunsven and Jeroen Dubbeldam. They believe the chip a "foreign object" that can roam in the body. Therefore unreliable. They make provision for a DNA or an iris scan.
But now Brussels has already decided that horses, donkeys and ponies from summer next year, a chip in the neck and a European passport. The European Commission (without the consent of the parties) that these animals at birth or import in the EU get the chip implanted. And of course no one is anxious to make, because the measure is intended to safeguard the health of the animals to improve thanks to a better and clearer identification system. For example, the control of animal diseases easier and medication, certain animals have used for human consumption are excluded. (4) That animal diseases related to our behavior, our objective opposing attitudes towards the animal is not mentioned. The European Commission decided.


Re: Verchipping of society part four Thursday, February 19, 2009

Growing protests
The extent to which the RFID chip begins to be known, the growing protest. In Germany, Spain, France, Ireland ... More and more health risks and loss of privacy above. Wil continue to ignore the government and its citizens pupilage explain, after all they have manipulated the referendum on the EU?
In the Netherlands, withdrew in 2005 the Christian Union to call on the major threats and risks, among others, the chip. She pointed out: 'Politics is too often and too far behind the technological developments. That risk is now. The legislature must have before irreversible developments. (5) A laudable initiative, which resulted in the paper "RFID chips. Opportunity or threat? "We are now almost 3 years and the chip pulls over. An act is not (yet?) Not. Perhaps the Dutch government Rathenau report 'From paradise to privacy control? Again read. (6) At the end of the Rathenau Institute, the advisory body to the government.

Tumors in animals
Tests with mice and rats which were implanted with an RFID chip show that the animals in 1-10% of all fast-growing and malignant tumors developed. On September 8, 2007 Todd Lewan wrote in The Associated Press article about a study that demonstrates the link between the implantation of a microchip and cancerous tumors in animals. The New York Times published on September 11, 2007 a report on cancer and the chipping of animals, based on a report on RFID.

The shares of Applied Digital Solutions VeriChip and plunged, but increased again after the wegwuifacties and reassuring words of ministries of health. " Already in 1990 refused tests on rats and mice in the presence of tumors in relation to the chip. (7)
After chipping of animals follows definitely the man. A couple of attacks, some manipulation, disinformation, threats ... However useful such a chip. For your safety! First the animals than people. In the book and the DVD is here more detail below. The numerous responses to the requirement of the chip for certain categories of people, the Minister and the Cabinet to reflection. When will government officials time to goeddoorwrochte publications to read? When will there even in the name of the civilian critical questions? When will politicians feel worried about some dubious social developments? June was the topelite of the world come together for a secret Bilderberg Conference. This time in Chantilly, near Washington. Among them were among others Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Queen Beatrix. On the agenda of the Bilderberg Conference, is now drained, was the chipping of U.S. citizens under the pretext of security and protection. (8)


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Re: Verchipping of society part five Thursday, February 19, 2009

Simple alternative
There is a very simple alternative: a halsbandje with a kokertje or token with the name of the animal and the name and address of the owner. This animal is at least decent. It costs about 40 euro, but 40 cents. Why should the animal via computer and GPS system be? It can be very cheap and animals worthy solutions for cows, horses, goats, sheep ... But will the government do? If the chip industry is not to speak. What is also the Party for the Animals with this type of information? Are we sufficiently aware of all side effects, such as GSM and UMTS masts? Or is it other things? Control, power, money? Many in the implementation of all plans involved, is probably not even be aware of things that are in the top know.
What is the alternative to man? A general consciousness and behavior. Of course not by Mind Control or manipulated media, but by understanding the laws of the cosmos, of karmic act of the Buddha 'dharma' said. Otherwise, the cart behind the car class. Running in the shortest possible time if a revolution breaks out at them by the power of ahimsa do not know.

Demonic forces
Demonic forces have crept into our society. The tragedy is that many do not see and that we let that happen. In the Second World War, these forces could easily be recognized. Hooks crosses and other symbols, magical rituals, a kind of repetition in music and words to the unconscious influence. Historical and esoteric research shows that secret societies the real power in the hands had and still have. In the history books are hardly discussed. Just before the end of the Second World War and immediately afterwards were the notorious Operation Paperclip, which the Vatican was concerned (the so-called ratlines), thousands of Nazis to America, Latin America and Argentina passed. In America were many important positions, such as the former Nazi Wernher von Braun (head of NASA). Who names examine in pharmacy, industry and some political parties, is a lot of former Nazis against.

The war on terror, described bodies in W W W ij field? Wants us to fear ripe for Mind Control: total control of the human spirit by including the media and the chip. Above our heads, so discover more and more people, on clear days the blue sky poisoned by chem trails, full of barium, aluminum, titanium and many other toxins are. Supposedly to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun to which global warming would stagnate. A secret plan between America and Europe. However, insiders claim that this toxic substance awareness bedim while fields in the air create as guides for electromagnetic weapons. Secret tests so.
Also in the diet are numerous toxins. Think of preservatives, coloring agents, food acids and emulsifiers (which the preparation of stabilized, as flavor enhancers and synthetic sweeteners). The so-called E-numbers (E = Europe) on the labels indicate what is in our diet is as E951, whereas the highly toxic sweetener aspartame and according to many researchers carcinogen. Many diseases are the result of. The E numbers are bad to read because they almost always printed in small letters, because most producers do not want to know what they are in our food stop. (9)
Genetic manipulation of seed will be enforced by the EU in the wake of America (Mont Santo). The Codex Alimentarius, which are increasingly critical of people followed, since 2005 standards for dietary supplements, minerals and vitamins. Reducing maximum doses of vitamins and minerals are already established and in a few years (in 2010), a ban on claims that food supplements, vitamins and minerals suitable for use in the prevention, alleviation, treatment or cure of diseases. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry plays an essential role in the development of this and all interests of companies and lobby groups play a major role. (10)
The Codex was in 2010 may well be the keystone of the manipulative food and pharmaceutical industry to human demineraliseren and deprived of vitamins, short of a healthy, natural, not poisoned food. Another significant step forward for human disease through weakening and eliminate, as once the fluoridation of water was a deliberate plan to humans via Mind Control to drive. Fluor is the man among others meekly. Not for nothing was the way in the concentration used. Among others, the Russian writer Aleksandr Solzjenitzyn mentions in his book The Gulag Archipelago. The Dutch doctor HC Moolen Burgh was one of our brave pioneers that the fight against fluoridation of the water many years ago successfully entered.

Thinking of Doom 'domdenken'
Come, let's be honest. Who wakes up see what is going on.
This article is only a tip of the iceberg. It is never intended to inspire fear to foster or promote doomsday thinking. Quite. But it is domdenken as we sleep, if we believe that God does for us resolve that the storm that rises naturally is going to lie. Wir haben es nicht gewusst? On the Internet alone can be many data about the gross lies about 9 / 11, about torture in prisons, about secret CIA flights, on the European Arrest Warrant, the secret government, NWO, Skull & Bones, Illuminaten, the battle for oil, power, money and gas on starwars, space, UFOs and the secret agendas of groups of aliens. About the aliens is also increasingly more and more outwards. Astronauts, scientists from NASA, former members of the CIA and politicians including America and Canada are beginning to speak.
On the deeper level, there is a spiritual battle going on between light and darkness. Everyone will be on the chessboard of his dharma, to determine. It is nothing less than our freedom. Dark forces seek to ascensie of the earth, which include the Mayan Calendar in 2012 is to take place, with her husband and power to stop. And they have the resources for: HAARP, advanced weapons such as tasers and lasers, electronic techniques, black magic. Patricia Cori pointed already in her book No secrets and no more lies, which the decisive phase in the evolution of man and cosmos describes (11).
2012 and subsequent years are designed to provide unique leap from biological to spiritual evolution, which our DNA as a vehicle to cosmic consciousness. Not only the planet, but our solar system, is intense to change. With sufficient awareness can ascensie in a natural and harmonious manner. But then very quickly a number of hurdles to be cleared.

Get rid of the fear
Do not go into your fear and accusation that they are not pioneers fueling because they clam. A little psychology shows how easily people projecting their fears on others and so seek to escape their own responsibility. We must correct our strength to stand, our spiritual strength. Violence, hatred and aggression on us which can not solve. However, disclosure, understanding, awareness, light and love (which the book orders W W W ij field? Ends). It is precisely the fear of the dark forces the man ijltempo want to manipulate. Certainly, each will have a bit of fear round draw. But this fear is not caused by the whistleblowers, but is a response to the information given by them deep into ourselves to recognize. Fear can only be overcome by returning to our source, the truth that the divine in us, that we light, as logion 50, The Gospel of Thomas expresss.

Total verchipping
Although the introduction of the OV-chip card currently fails because of 'cracking ability of the data, soon there will be an improved version. We will soon only carry digital cards. The tax is forcing us to pay electronically. Our digital signature in the energy of our hands replaced, as the doctor later in the hospital via computer-driven techniques will treat his patients. For example, we all ready for the chip in our body. And sitting behind a computer connected to the Internet, which is directly linked to the Craycomputers of including the Pentagon (40 trillion calculations per second can make!), We mark of the beast 'wear.

powder chips & human hair
under microscope


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Re: Verchipping of society part six Thursday, February 19, 2009

Face each other we will see less and less. The communication is through the electronic screen and a mechanical voice will dictate. Wireless electronic systems are expanding very rapidly, reports of lost data on laptops winding of ministries and burglary in computers (even from the Ministry of Social Affairs in the SPD: Associated Press Services) should tell us more and more. Personal data will be stored longer, the list of names of people around the world suspected of terrorism is in America already for 1 million and the notorious Main Core database includes names of some 8 million Americans with a 'potential danger' could form a national emergency occurs. More and more people are eligible to be arrested and without any protest to be imprisoned in concentration camps. (12) This recalls the times of the Nazis.

And while Minister Eurlings says the electronic device in our car odometer our privacy is not jeopardized, you will be at Schiphol at your genitals stripped using advanced scanning techniques. Thanks to the SPOT technology may soon every emotion on the face off and translated (anxiety, sweating, pucker, even flying). Thought Machines, in which brain waves and translate icons into the language you speak, are already targeting the microphones and listening techniques of the AIVD are easy to.

About a visa for the U.S. applies in the database of the FBI right, where over one million Kafka-like officials already has access to. Europe will undoubtedly follow this example. Electronic wristbands for children in various countries are already required (Japan, Russia, America). Some schools restrict themselves to a chip bags and clothing. Reason: For the safety of the children. If they are not kidnapped and that they can not get lost ... Here is the fear manipulated by the media.
Alzheimer's Patients, prisoners, poor gifted, soldiers ... all over the world are already tens of thousands on the list for soon to be involuntary under under gechipt.
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VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire

By Jim Edwards | Nov 11, 2009

VeriChip (CHIP), the company that markets a microchip implant that links to your online health records, has acquired Steel Vault (SVUL), a credit monitoring and anti-identity theft company. The combined company will operate under a new name: PositiveID.

The all-stock transaction will leave PositiveID in charge of a burgeoning empire of identity, health and microchip implant businesses that will only encourage its critics. BNET previously noted that some regard the company as part of a prophecy in the Book of Revelation (because the HealthLink chip carries an RFID number that can be used as both money and proof of ID) or as part of President Obama’s secret Nazi plan to enslave America.


The most obvious criticism to be made of the deal is that it potentially allows PositiveID to link or cross-check patient health records (from the HealthLink chip) to people’s credit scores. One assumes that the company will put up firewalls to prevent that. PositiveID CEO Scott Silverman said:

“PositiveID will be the first company of its kind to combine a successful identity security business with one of the world’s first personal health records through our Health Link business. PositiveID will address some of the most important issues affecting our society today with our identification tools and technologies for consumers and businesses.”

Unless, of course, consumers don’t actually want to be implanted with chips, have their health records available over the internet, or have their medical records linked to their credit scores

VeriChip Buys Steel Vault, Creating Micro-Implant Health Record/Credit Score Empire | BNET Pharma Blog | BNET
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Big Brother settles more in our society

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A while ago we had here on the site has posted an article about Big Brother in the English classrooms.
Big Brother kijkt mee in de Engelse klaslokalen | We Are Change Holland
Something might have seemed far away in our little country frog. But now the systems in the Netherlands' School Aware 'and' Family Aware "presented to the anxious family.

It is this time a Dutch product, developed by the student Vassilis Javed Khan at the Technical University Eindhoven. The system is quite simple. The Aware School is nothing but a computer with bluetooth in the classroom and a bluetooth receiver for the child. Family Aware works via wireless Internet. Via mobile phone or a PC to see where someone is. Khan is still trying to refine the system so that to see what the person is doing.

BN De Stem began her article with the misleading introduction "Is my child safe at school? And my wife / husband well at work here? Daily questions that every working parent with a busy family life is recognized." All right, the idea that scooped everyone around you thinks so.

BN De Stem does, however, that found on the Internet quite critical of such developments. Fortunately, this is indeed the case. Most reactions to the Internet is pretty bad. "Pathological", "this should not want" and "a beautiful system for criminals to leave the monitor." Not everyone wants children and his partner throughout the day to check.

Also ask many Internet users wondering where the trust between parent and child remained. "Why do we not all newborns immediately chipping?", Suggests a cynic. "Absurd" is the first reaction of remedial Jacques van den Born. V an den Born is Director of the Partnership Primary Education in Breda (32 schools).

"You trust your child as a parent morning to a professional again. Then you do not got all day to check whether your child is in class?" "Trust is essential for the development of the child. Nidifugous Children. They have the scope to explore life. You need a parent has to check every step."

Now it is to imagine than some people in certain situations or just want more control, but this is a big step for Big Brother in society. Which look just fine in the agenda of the control of society and the people behind the scenes pulling the strings. The aim of the elite has always been that because the people themselves such control systems require production, rather than that she was forced up.

Put this system in the list of the kilometer tax, the new passport,
Nederland loopt voor met invoer nieuwe richtlijnen reisdocumenten, met een schepje er bovenop | We Are Change Holland
the smart meter
and the SPD system and see how Big Brother is becoming more nested in our society.

If this phenomenon as a 'normal' would be, then it looks even more strange to privacy of further government measures. Eventually the demand for this type of technology is fueled by suspicion. However, a number of additional cameras take that feeling away. Only one can sense that.

Which way we go on in this Big Brother society? It seems that widespread implementation of technology in the following movie is not so far away than it looks.

Source: We Are Change Holland
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