New documents prove and verify McDonnell Douglas researched antigravity, UFO’s, ESP & Remote viewing in 1960s

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The main focus of this article is centered around some documents that were allegedly left and found in a barn (attached at the bottom of this article), and may have belonged to a Douglas employee who moved – The new owner of the location found the files, and sold them on Ebay. These documents pertain to the research of small team of people in the Douglas Aircraft corporation in 1967 – 1969. They show that some people there took the UFO phenomenon seriously – and regarded them as real, physical objects. Someone decided that it was worth studying them in detail, with a view to developing a new method of propulsion – based on a new theory of physics. This research was, of course, Top secret.

To me, a long time student and practitioner on the subject of Remote Viewing. (Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, (ESP) or “sensing with mind”.) Which includes a twenty three year program involving all aspects of the American military and various spaghetti soup intel agencies (CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI amongst others) is the investigation form McDonnell Douglas into contactee’s of UFO events and also in information gathering through experimentation with ESP, years before the official program at SRI started in 1972.

What the documents detail is that a small department of McDonnell Douglas, which included a man known as R.M. Wood (more on Robert Wood later)set about trying to research and back engineer the potential propulsion systems of UFO’s based on investigation of witness reports, contactee testimonies and ESP derived information. This small group briefed the Condon Committee and had a budget of around $500,000 between 1968 and 1970.

From further document sources within the CIA Star Gate FOIA archives, it’s clear that McDonnell Douglas was also still interested and exploring ESP as a technology nearly two decades later in the mid 80′s.

For the lay person the documents are very technical and discuss many theories and experiments with advanced psychics and propulsion systems, equations and theories are detailed and explained.

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