News 10 Special Report: Secrets in the Sky


Truth feeder
May 3, 2011

ALBANY, N.Y.– Questions about what’s happening in the sky are popping up across the country. Concerns among the populace about what they see are leaving many to fear the worst. There are varied motives behind what some people see and what they believe to be some kind of geo-engineering conspiracy.

The conspiracy is a worldwide growing movement. A number of people believe it’s an effort to curb global warming, while others, like*Bonnie Hoag of Shushan, believe it’s a covert military operation.

“What is more fundamental than breath? What is more fundamental than life on earth to breath?” said Hoag. “This is theft of breath.”

She said planes are spraying aluminum and other toxic metals, which are being blamed for skyrocketing rates of a variety of illnesses.

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