Nexus Radio show with Lord Sidious about Freeman (Sovereign Citizen) - Fridays 20 April 2012

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On this past Fridays show, Celine, Charles and Anchor were joined by Rob Halford a.k.a. Lord Sidious and discussed the various aspects of Freemen as Lord Sid provided quite a bit of information and stories from his experience as a Freeman since 2005.

A sovereign citizen is a term used to refer to a political movement which grew out of a belief in government abuses of power. Members often refuse to hold social security cards or driver's licenses and avoid using zip codes.

Sovereign citizens believe that U.S. citizens are either "Fourteenth Amendment citizens" (who are subject to the federal and state laws and taxes) or "sovereign citizens", who are subject only to common law or "constitutional law" (or both), but are not bound to obey statutory law.

Sovereign citizens may also be referred to as "freemen" or "common law citizens".

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