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India’s Union Home Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, has blamed India’s two major opposition partis, Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for promoting “Hindu terrorism” though their training camps which teach Hindus hatred toward Muslim, Christian and Sikh minorities.

Sushilkumar Shinde made the accusations during his address at the All India Congress Committee in Jaipur on Sunday. He also said that “the BJP and RSS were behind the blast aboard the Pakistan-bound Sanjhauta Express, in Hyderabad’s Mecca Mosque and the Malegaon mosque in Maharashtra – but they blamed minority community for the crime“.

Incidentally, both these two group have maintained very close relations with Jewish extremist groups in Israel for decades. These groups along with RAW, Mossad and CIA were behind the Gujrat anti-Muslim riots (2002), which resulted in the death of 2,000 Muslims and made another 100,000 Muslims refugees in their own country. The other anti-Muslim events carried out by these two groups include demolition of Barbri Mosque, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, bombing of German bakery and shooting near Israeli HC in New Delhi.

Angry lawmakers from both BJP and RSS has demanded an apology from the Home Minister and has asked country’s prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to fire Shinde. However, several ministers and members of the ruling Congress party have supported Shinde claim. Congress President Sonia Gandhi (born an Itlanian Catholic) said that her party always fought such racist ideologies and forces which challenged the nation’s unity.

Later, the Home Minister clarified his earlier statement by say that he used the term “Saffron terrorism”, which was nothing new and appeared in newspapers several times in the past.

Sushilkumar Shinde was referring to an article, titled Terrorism Inc: Nexus between CIA and Mossad, penned in 2008 by Shyam Chand, former state minister of Haryana (Indian Punjab). In the said article, Syam Chand said:

“The unusual alliance between radical Jewish groups and Hindutva groups (PJP, RSS, VHP, etc.) brings together two extreme religious philosophies from different parts of the world is premised on the fact that they share a distant enemy, namely, the Muslims.

One is often surprised by the close linkages which fanatic Hindutva groups have been able to establish with their Zionist counterparts while RSS supremo Golwalker in his famous book, ‘We and Our Nationhood Defined’, is found to be supporting Adolf Hitler for his experiments in ethnic-cleansing of Jews – his followers are found to be enjoying good company of Zionists without any reservation (because Zionists did support Hitler and Nazis). The only common thing which supposedly connected these groups is their common hatred toward Islam“.

The ‘Saffron Terrorism’ has fund-raisers and propagandists among Hindu diaspora in United States, Britain and Canada. In the US, approximately, $500,000 are sent annually to various Hindutva groups in India via the India Development and Relief Fund. Obama’s 2008 transitional team member, Sonal Shah, is a former national coordinator of Hindutva group, Vishva Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA).

Last year, Ron Banerjee, a racist Hindu activist, ran a vicious campaign against the Toronto District School Board for allowing Islamic prayers at Valley Park Middle School with more than 60% students being Muslims. Banerjee was supported by several Zionist groups and country’s 67% Jewish-controlled media. However, the Board member Shari Schwartz-Maltz rejected Banerjee’s anti-Muslim campaign by saying: “If you have problem with religious accommadation, you have a problem with the Ontario Human Rights Code“.

RSS leaders have labeled Shinde as “darling of the real terrorists”. In 2002, both Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his deputy L.K. Advani (BJP) had called upon Washington to declare Pakistan a “terrorist state”. In May 2011, the notorious anti-Islam Indian-born novelist, Salman Rushde, penned an article at Jewish website, The Daily Beast, calling United States to declare Pakistan a “terrorist state”.
On Monday, professor Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, leader of Pakistan’s ‘Jamaat ud Dawa’ welcomed the truth coming from India’a Home Minister. He suggested Barack Obama to pick-up some courage from Indian Home Minister and declare India a “terrorist state”. Obama administration had declared the Pakistani group as “terrorist organization” and has offered a reward of $10 million for the arrest of Hafiz Saeed for allegedly master-minding 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.

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