Nicole Queen and the ‘pork stunt’


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Nicole Queen 32, a practicing Muslim convert, went to a TGI Friday’s eatery in Texas this week to have lunch with a friend – only to find out, what she says to be bits of bacon deliberately stuffed inside her drink straw.

Nicole is a photographer and welknown community worker within American Muslim community. She posted her anger at her Facebook account over the stunt allegedly pulled off by a server who apparently was offended with her earlier request to leave bacon strips off the meal she had ordered.

“Whether you’re a Muslim, Christian or Jewish, don’t ever just accept something like this and say nothing. They put the bacon in the wrong girl’s meal,” she wrote. Watch the video here.

Nicole Queen’s personal blog can be read here and listen to her story of conversion on video below.

So why am I writing a post over such minor incident? Well, even such minor incidents prove how the true teachings of both Moses’ Law and Christ’s messages have been corrupted by the so-called “Liberals”, who knowingly or unknowingly act as Zionist puppets. They don’t realize that modesty is commanded in almost all divine religions and pork consumption is condemned by all the biblical prophets.

Furthermore, Islamophobia, since the 9/11 has become a very profitable profession. It’s mostly funded by the pro-Israel individuals or groups.

Nicole Queen and the ?pork stunt? | Rehmat's World