No Second Person


Talk about it forever it's wordless
These days people don't get it
Instead they practice this that
Think they've broken through
Don't know the intrinsic isn't what you taste hear see
But the gate of miraculous freedom more subtle than breath
Aware of everything that exists
Pure free
Its light has always shone never gone out
From the first inkling of time until this instant
In you in front of you everywhere
Like a silent rock unchanging
Its great radiance bathing everything
It touches every color
But keeps its singular perfect hue
Like fine silk stretched on a loom light blazes through it
The sophisticated refined don't have it
They don't know what it is
They worship the beauty of forms
But that's like rubbing your eyes
They think they see what they see
They exhaust themselves uselessly
Pounding at it in vain
Pounding at it their way
Millions of years drift away
If you can look back and realize
No second person exists
How did you get here?
Who is looking at whom?
Each act whatever you do
Won't lack a thing
But keep calculating past future
You'll still believe this empty fist holds something real
Even when your dead eyes are open