1. D

    Major Conspiracies Linked Together Through Subtle “Clous”

    Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan — Can a conspiracy lead to more conspiracies? Researchers conjoin a resounding yes. Studies relate once a person believes in a conspiracy, a belief in more follows. Yet, this correlate associates independent on belief. Often dependent upon circumstances, such simple...
  2. Boiling Frog

    Obama explains the FEMA Camps

    Essentially we have a new legislation being passed in US that enables the State to imprison a person indefinitely for a criminal offense they haven't yet committed and may never commit.
  3. 2

    [Question?] Same problem different year.

    Same problem different year hang-up phone calls I know I mentioned this before, but it started up again today this time for Sarah Redondo again. Of what I'm speaking is the hang ups phone calls, they start calling at 8:05 a.m quiet for awhile mid afternoon calling for her, from what I've read...
  4. 100th Monkey

    Shape-Shifting Robots: Forget Nanotech; Think Claytronics

    Imagine a bracelet or watch that changes into something else when you take it off. Perhaps it becomes a cell phone, or laptop computer. Although this scenario may seem like science fiction, this and much more will soon become reality with a ground-breaking new technology known as...
  5. s_coy2005

    Mini psychic reading game.. Great fun!!

    I saw this on another site and i thought it was amazing. I am going to right a prediction about the next person to reply, they will then post back with either TRUE or FALSE. Followed by their prediction for the next person. Lets see how long we can keep this going, if u get ur prediction...
  6. Lady of Light

    [Attention] Psychic Counseling Now Availabe (Over 20 Years Experience)

    I am an unlicensed therapist that accepts donations for counseling. I have over 20 years experience. I help individuals, couples, and groups. I can help you work through any and all problems you are having in any area of your life. If you feel troubled and don't know who to talk to, I can lend...
  7. 100th Monkey

    FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars

    This so generic that any person could be described as a liar.
  8. Boiling Frog

    Duncan O'Finioan on regaining memories

    A outstanding brief article here: ...recovering memories as a result of maltreatment such as MK-Ultra, SRA, and many others. Very useful if you are aware of a person or are personally realizing you have memories emerging from nowhere.
  9. Unhypnotized

    David Icke & John Harris - Lawful Rebellion & Peaceful Mass Non-Compliance

    Why you are not a 'person'. The Lion Sleeps No More A video by Jay4louise Source:
  10. U

    Gender and Face?

    Do you think gender is written over one's face? Do you think we can find gender of a person by just seeing his face?
  11. U

    Marriage is not fun?

    What do you think about misery and pain caused by bad marriages and divorce? Do you think a psychological exam is necessary prior to a marriage to check the eligibility of a particular person?
  12. CASPER

    Test for Dementia

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below are four ( 4 ) questions and a bonus question. You have to answer them instantly. You can't take your time, answer all Of them immediately . OK? Let's find out just how clever you really are.... Ready...
  13. CASPER

    Natural Instincts

    Humankind has been able to survive many shifts in its environment throughout the centuries. The ability to adapt physically and mentally to a changing world kept humans alive while other species gradually died off. The same survival mechanisms that kept our forefathers alive can help keep us...
  14. CASPER

    No Second Person

    Talk about it forever it's wordless These days people don't get it Instead they practice this that Think they've broken through Don't know the intrinsic isn't what you taste hear see But the gate of miraculous freedom more subtle than breath Aware of everything that exists Pure free Its light...
  15. R

    How to brainwash a Nation-Ex-KGB (video)

    How to brainwash a Nation-Ex-KGB (video) Thursday, July 16, 2009 This interview was taken in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in disruption techniques. He explains the 4 basic social steps to full generations to think and behave the way the people in power want. It does...