NSA's fake phone call - Al-Qaeda 'conference call' sparked global terror threat

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NSA agent 1: "Quick, quick, we need a fake threat that will get American behind us again!"

NSA agent 2: "Let's leak a fake conference phone call we intercepted of al-Qaeda leaders planning an attract."

NSA agent 1: "Isn't it too soon after the Snowden disaster?"

NSA agent 2: "No, as long as it's on CNN, people will believe what ever we say."

Good thing we have Prism.:rolleyes2: Gees, you can't make this stuff up, oh wait, they can and did.

Al-Qaeda 'conference call' sparked global terror threat

Published on 8 Aug 2013

Last week US officials said they intercepted an international conference call between more than 20 al-Qaeda leaders where they discussed a pending attack. This intelligence caused the US to close multiple embassies around the globe. RT's Sam Sacks has more on the leaked information and why the White House remains silence on the topic.