Pair Of Mallard Ducks In My Back Yard - March 8th 2012

Lady of Light

I hope these 2 ducks decide to stay. They showed up here sometime this afternoon, we noticed them around 4:30 pm EST. Just sitting there on the side of the pool. They have never visited us before, so this was quite an unusual sight. Since we are in the middle of the city, I would have never expected to see such a thing. There has been a small family of ducks living on the outskirts of the city not far from the Windsor Airport, and that is normally where I am privileged to see them each year.

It was a wonderful sight and I hope to see them in my yard again. If they come back, there will be video. For now, here's a couple pictures.

Female Mallard 01 (March 8th 2012).jpg

Male Mallard 02 (March 8th 2012).jpg

Pair of Mallards 01 (March 8th 2012) (copyright -

So precious, and so calm. Such lovely birds. And I am honored to have hosted them in my yard.