Police Brutality Video Removed at YouTube


Truth feeder
December 26, 2010

Remember the guy who was slammed to the ground by a dozen or more cops for shooting a bow and arrow on his own property? Remember the video of this incident on YouTube?
The original video was removed from YouTube. The video hosting service owned by Google either pulled it down or somehow compelled the user who posted the video to remove it. Or maybe the user experienced a sudden conversion and decided it is OK for the police to beat people on their own property for no good reason.
The following accompanied the original video before it was shuffled off to the memory hole:
This is a video that I took of my husband being wrongfully accused and detained. They originally came because someone wrongfully accused my husband of firing a crossbow in our yard (crossbows are legal in our state). He told them he was not firing a crossbow and there was not a crossbow outside or any evidence of one being outside. The police asked him for ID and he refused on grounds that he wasn’t doing anything to facilitate them asking for ID. Next thing he knew the police jumped him, then the police tripped over our steps and crashed through a wooden fence which injured the officers hand. They slammed my husbands head against my front door, breaking my door (I can’t even shut it properly now and have to replace it) and sprayed him with mace and started beating the crap out of him. All of a sudden my husband is being charged with assault on an officer?! SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!!!!!
Videos that go viral, though, often have a funny way of reappearing: