President Rouhani is coming to New York


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Keeping with Ahmadinejad tradition, Tehran has announced that new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani will be visiting New York to address the 68th annual UN General Assembly (UNGA) and preside over the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference on Disarmament.

The UNGA session will begin on September 17 – while the NAM conference will be held on September 26, 2013.

The UNGA general debate is scheduled for September 24-28. The first four speakers are expected to be prseidents Obama (USA), Jonathan (Nigeria), Rousseff (Brazil) and Gul (Turkey).

On August 28, 2013, Omid Memarian posted an article at the Zioconservative HuffingtonPost, entitled,‘Why Should Hassan (Rouhani) Meet with Hussein (Obama)?‘ He advised Rouhani not to wait for a friendly overture from Obama (because the Jewish Lobby wouldn’t let him do that) – and make a “bold” move to meet Obama at the UNGA session.

“In order to prove that, unlike his predecessors, the hardliner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the reformist Mohammad Khatami, the moderate Rouhani does not fear face-to-face encounters with U.S. officials, perhaps he can stay in the hall and listen to Obama’s speech,” says Memarian.

I, for one, don’t remember if Iranian delegate has ever walked-out during an American president’s speech at the UNGA. Contrary to that, the US, Israel, Canada and Israeli poodles at the European Union, who have the record of walking out during every speech Ahmadinejad made at the UNGA and other international forums.

“This is why the Iranian president, who has called for “efforts to create trust,” must take the first step to disrupt the usual Washington discourse about Iran, and prevent members of the Senate and the Congress, who persistently pressure Obama to act more forcefully towards Iran, from escalating the situation further. No action would be more effective in creating such trust than a visit, even if “accidental” and short, between Hassan Rouhani and Barack Hussein Obama. It would create powerful new opportunities for Iran’s new president,” adds Memarian.

The Zionist-helper ignores the fact that “Obama and the members of Senate and Congress” don’t have a problem with Iran. It’s Israeli policy against Iran which the US lawmakers represent for Jewish election donations and maintain a good press coverage by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media.

As a fellow blogger, my sincere advice to Memarian would be to read American Jewish blogger Stephen Lendman, some time.

“Rouhani’s election won’t change things. Israel Lobby (AIPAC) doesn’t want dialogue between Obama and Rouhani. It want a pro-Israel regime change in Tehran,” Stephen Lendman, an American Jewish investigative writer told Namavaran Network Corporation (NNC) in a recent interview.

So how credible are Memarian’s views over Iran under Islamic Revolution? According to his “official” biography, he was born in Iran (religious affiliation not mentioned). He is a journalist, blogger, freelance writer, and has written for BBC, IPS, NYT, LA Times, San Francisco Times and several other Jewish-controlled media outlets. For his “good work”, Memarian received 2005 ‘The Human Rights Defender award’ from the ‘Human rights Watch’, an Israel advocacy group. Jewish groups and individuals like George Soro, Irene Diamond, Lewis Cullman, Leon Levy, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Robert Bernstein, Edgar Bronfman Jr., etc. are the major sponsors ($100,000 +) of the HRW.

On June 6, the top United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) official, professor Richard Falk (Jewish) called on 47-nation body to “investigate” and if found guilty, expel the Geneva-based Israel lobby group, the UN Watch.

On August 1, 2013, the Loon Watch posted an interesting article, saying that the Zionist Mafia is more affraid of the “moderate” Rouhani than the Ahmadinejad, the Truth-teller.

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