Obama, Rouhani and ‘the Evildoer’


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The 2013 UN General Assembly (UNGA) annual meeting at its New York headquarters have brought together the warmongers, the truth-tellers and peacemakers from around the world. Most people watching this annual ‘stage show’ are going to miss the two of the greatest ‘truth-tellers’, Iranian president Dr. Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan president, late Hugo Chavez. However, their ally, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, did fill-in the vaccum by exposing Washington’s human rights crimes against her nation and the rest of the world.

US president Barack Obama in his speech called for military solution to Israel’s Syrian problem, threatened Iran with ‘war on the table’, bullied various nations and repeated some of his usual lies. Many listeners expected that from a speech written by Obama’s Zionist speech writers. Obama’s speech was hailed as ‘a landmark’ performance by Netanyahu, AIPAC and ADL.

American author, David Swanson, has claimed that Obama’s speech contained 45 lies. Read the list here.

“President Obama’s opening lines at the UN on Tuesday looked down on people who would think to settle disputes with war. Obama was disingenuously avoiding the fact that earlier this month he sought to drop missiles into a country (Syria) to “send a message” but was blocked by the US Congress, the UN, the nations of the world, and popular opposition — after which Obama arrived at diplomacy as a last resort,” says Swanson.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s speech was mostly repetition of what he had been saying since he took the office last month. His message to the US and other warmongering governments has always been that their imaginary problems with the Islamic Republic can only be resolved by “talks on equal footing and mutual respect”. This time, however, Rouhani went a step further. He proposed: “I invite all states to undertake a new effort to guide the world in this direction. We should start thinking about a coalition for peace all across the globe instead ineffective coalition for war“.

Rouhani’s statement did hit the devil’s belly. After all, the United States has the record of being World’s greatest genocidal nation and Israel being the worst nation on the Planet.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who is obsessed with a new Iranian Holocaust, has made it clear to Obama administration that he will not support any agreement between Washington and Tehran. For Netanyahu, Iran has become the most successful tool to divert world attention away from the illegal Jewish occupation of the Holy Land as per teachings of the Bible.

Paul R. Pillar, former CIA official for 28 years, posted on September 24, 2013.

Netanyahu thus is doing what he can to destroy the prospects for an agreement. This includes his usual scare-mongering as well as rhetorical tactics such as trying to equate Iran to North Korea. He has depicted Iranian President Rouhani as representing nothing new and ordered a boycott of Rouhani’s speech at the United Nations before he heard a word of what the Iranian said. In particular, Netanyahu is making demands that he knows would be deal-killers and suggesting that anyone who does not agree with those demands is endangering the security of Israel. Perhaps if a fantasy agreement somehow were reached in which the government of Iran declares that it has been evil and mistaken all these years, agrees to demolish all facilities having anything to do with its nuclear program, invites teams from the Israeli Defense Forces into Iran to perform the demolition, and has President Rouhani agreeing to use his Twitter account not only to convey Rosh Hashanah greetings but also to recite lyrics from Hatikvah, then Netanyahu would announce his support for the agreement.

To understand Netanyahu’s posture one needs to realize that it is not only, or maybe even primarily, about a possible Iranian nuclear weapon. It is partly a matter of heading off any rapprochement between Iran and the United States, which would weaken the Israeli claim to being America’s sole reliable and important partner in the Middle East. It is partly a matter of sustaining the Iranian nuclear issue as the regularly invoked “real problem” in the region that serves to divert attention from matters the Israeli government would rather not talk about or be the subject of international scrutiny. And it is partly a matter of Netanyahu riding a topic he has made a signature issue of his own in Israeli domestic politics and a basis for his claim to tough-guy leadership.

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