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“Both relations between Jews and Catholics, as well as relations between the Holy See and Israel, have increased so much. On the Christian side, I think the only limitation has been to indicate the dialogue with Jews as important but not urgent. Now, it is clear that the dialogue with Jews is not an option but an obligation. It is for Catholic people to accept the Jewish people as the original alliance,” Rabbi Angel Kreiman.

Polish Jewish groups are angered at the dismissal of Catholic priest Rev. Maksymin Tandek from Hebrew (Yeshiva) Academy, which he founded in nothern Polish town of Torin (pop. 200,000) in October 2009. Rev. Tandek has been reassigned at a parish in port city of Gdansk.

“The man has done so much good, and now they’re getting rid of him like a rat, not even allowing him to say a farewell mass,” wrote local newspaper Nowosci.

Rivka Halperin, an Israeli Jewish scholar who taught Hebrew at the school said Tandek was fired for “his priority on dialogue with the Jews“. It’s hard to believe her since Pope Benedict XVI in his book ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ has quoted Rabbi Jacob Neusner the most after St. Paul, the founder of Roman Catholic Church. Rabbi Jacob Neusner is a US professor of Talmudic theology and author of 1993 book ‘A Rabbi Talks With Jesus’.

Furthermore, Pope Benedict XVI in the same book has exonerated Jews from Crucification of his Lord Jesus. In October 2008, Pope Benedict XVI told the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations that understanding of Jewish Tamud is a must for Catholics.

Rev. Maksymin Tandek had studied at a Franciscan school in Jerusalem between 2000-2003. He claims that he was inspired by late Pope John Paul II to open the Yeshiva academy in Poland. It’s reported that mother of Pope John Paul II was a Polish Jew.

Tandek opened the Yeshiva academy with blessings from Poland’s chief rabbi Michael Schudrich and Roman Catholic Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the former private secretary of the late Pope John Paul II. The 3-year-long program at the academy is focused on Hebrew literature, linguistics, Israeli history, Poland’s Jews, Holocaust studies, rabbinical and biblical Hebrew as well as Syrian and Aramaic history. Half of the tuition fee is subsidized by the EU.

Ironically, Torin is also home city of Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk PhD, the owner of Radio Maryja station which has been criticized for exposing Zionist Jewish lies about Polish people and Auschwitz. In June 2011, when Rydzyk was ivited to attend European Parliament – a hell broke loose as if Iranian President Dr. Ahmadinejad has arrived to address the meeting. British MEP Israel-Firster Timothy Kirkhope shouted that if he knew Rydzyk’s presence, he would have boycotted the meeting. Timothy Kirkhope is a member of British prime minister David Cameron’s ‘Conservative Friends of Israel‘.

In 2010, Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk was named the sixth most influential man in Poland. He established Radio Maryja (named after Saint Mary, mother of prophet Jesus) 12 years ago. Since the very begining, Radio Maryja has been accused by Jewish groups as vehemently anti-Semitic. In January 2000, Dr. Ryszard Bender, a historian from Catholic University of Lunlin speaking on Radio Maryja had stated that “Auschwitz was not an extermination camp but merely a large labor camp for Jews“.

Pope John Paul II was one of the admirers of Radio Maryja. He was quoted as saying: “Thanks God we have independent Catholic media like Radio Maryja“.

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