Lady of Light

Predictions of the future video including everybody, nostradamus, scallion, cayce:

This one documentary will possibly change your life forever or make you think in a different way about these prophets of the past and even the present. Never before has one single man in history saw the future which is our future.

Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) was able to predict many events during his lifetime and foretold of many disasters, great fortunes, and world changing events that have and are still yet to pass. He was a french professor, physician, astrologer, mathematician, and a brilliant scholar. His predictions as well as his legendary work have lived on for over 400 years after his death. He predicted things such as King Henry II died which was in 1559. Nostradamus predicted this in his lifetime before the King himself perished and this won him ever lasting fame.

He made over 1,300 prophecies, many were terribly frightening. He predicted The French Revolution, the fall of Napoleon, both World Wars, the rise and collapse of the Third Reich, the invention of nuclear arsenals and their usage for the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Kennedy assasinations, man landing on the Moon, the fatal attack on Pope Paul VI, Ayatollah Komeini as well as the Persian Gulf conflict, and many array of horrifying disasters.
This program also goes into depth by decoding some predictions made for the next thousand years.