Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires !!!!


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Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires !!!!

source: The Grand Essentials Of Happiness Blog Archive Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

The mind is the decisive factor in your life, but who decides for the mind??? ~ Remez Sasson

Have you heard of Energy Vampires? Have you ever felt so drained and exhausted after talking to a friend or a relative? Have you ever felt that you don’t have energy to pursue a goal that you have created after talking to someone? If you do, then you have to be aware of the fact that those friends or relatives are so called energy vampires.

They simply drain your positive energy for their own need and leave you with negative thoughts and feeling. Like real vampires who suck blood from a living body, these people drain your spirit by taking away your positivism.

Most of them do it without knowing. They intrude your life and doesn’t really pay attention with boundaries; they constantly complain about something like very very small things; make a big deal out of small things like someone wearing a same dress as them etc; always complain about school, jobs, partners, friends, bad luck and illness; they criticize you or others’ hair, friends, partners, jobs, and appearance (without thinking about their own appearance); and they manipulate you to obtain something that they need (for instance, if there is a sale somewhere, they will drag you there and get the buy one and get the second one free deal, so they can get something that they want with a cheap price, although you don’t really need that product, you end up paying for it)

They blame others for their problem- doesn’t like to take responsibility. They always show off, if they buy or wear a brand name clothes, they will point that out in their conversation; sometimes makes you think that people who don’t buy brand name products are the losers.

Just remember they are always always negative ….complain complain!! At the same time also drain your energy by showing off. They are energy vampires and they need positive energy; they need other’s approval; they pretend to be a nice just to get the attention (drama queens).

They come in all shapes and characteristics; they could be loud, funny, aggressive, quiet, charming, and pushy. If you have a friend or a relative, it is very challenging for you to be who you are. Even when you try telling other people about these energy vampires, they wouldn’t believe you, because these people are manipulative; they get the nice name from strangers all the time.

So now you understand who those people are, so try to protect yourself from them. Learn to stop them from taking your energy.

* Try to end the conversations as soon as possible; tell them that you don’t have time to talk at this moment.
* Try to limit the amount of time that you spend with these energy vampires at school or work. When you spend less time, the less positive energy you will lose.
* Don’t explicitly show your anger towards them; they will criticize you and call you moody type or mood swinger, not knowing that they are making you in that way. So stay clam and avoid interacting with them as you can.
* Don’t try to fix their problem or try to rescue them when they complain, just avoid their words; don’t take it seriously; that is their habit-putting you down.
* Avoid being closer to them; avoid going to lunch with them; avoid long trips with them; even when you go out with other friends including the energy vampires, they will get to you; start having a interesting conversation with others; try to completely aviod talking to these people if you want to protect yourself.
* Learn to walk away from energy vampires; after awhile you can see the difference in your life.
* Try to guard your own personal space from them and that is your right.
* They are manipulative, so try to get your personal stories by pretending that they are interested in your well being; so tell them that you are not comfortable sharing your stories; be cautious with them because they will reveal your secrets to others.
* Be very assertive and protect your boundaries, and your positive energy and the precious time.

Positive and negative are two directions. Which direction do you want to choose?

A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative. ~ Remez Sasson
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