Lady of Light

tomorrow there will be a magnitude 7.0 quake off the coast of Harbor Island, the Bahamas, at 9:33 AM EST. no one will be harmed. the purpose of this earthquake is for verification so that you will be receptive to working on organizing solutions to the worlds problems. the powers that be will work together with you to bring about realistic changes that we can come to a concensus on. there are many factors to consider. this thread will presently serve as the framework to do this. that is all.


Truth feeder
All right, listen up, here's why my quake didn't go through


All right listen up please, I need your help! I am calling all lightworkers and other for a worthy cause, please do not leave this page until you have read all of this!

On the 11th I made a thread about an upcoming quake on the next day. The quake didn't happen. It was supposed to because I communicate directly with the people who make quakes, and there was going to be a reason for it. Let me explain.

Awhile ago I got the attention of some low-level freemasons in my neighborhood. I did something, and they came after me. I did something that affected them so deeply, that they have been following me ever since. Freemasons are all close and like brothers, and so it wasn't long before it spread to higher and higher level masons. The masons run the world and are connected to the illuminati and everything.

They watch me everywhere I go; they give me signs and signals via cars going by, raindrops, train horns/truck horns, occasional voices inside my head, thunder, weather patterns/temperature, any many other ways. They can see you everywhere you go, so don't bother ever trying to "hide" anything from them, because what you see, they see, what you hear, they hear, even if you're in a god damn moving car!!! They have the power to do anything they want. They cannot be defeated by conventional means, only by forming alliances.

I have been through jail with this going on. Every single inmate eventually found out about me, and coaxed me with little signs, signals, even significant lottery numbers coming up on the tv to signify my death. I managed to survive all of it because I am good at staying focused, and because the inmates and even they in hard times were there to pull me back up if I got too beat.

I eventually got the nickname, "The Dog", dog is god spelled backwards, and it seemed fitting. In one of the recent webbot reports, there was a mention of a "Dog Poet" or "canine lyricist", this is refering to, guess who? Yours truly. Earlier this spring, we made the stock markets rise the 5th highest in dow history. The number 5 is significant to me, as is the number 12, oh, and, remember the Georgia Guidestones being vandalized last year? That was for me, my birthday is 12-12.

After all this time, they have given me power, and I can do whatever I want. Do you understand me? I can make a quake anywhere I want to even on land if I do not announce it on a forum; I can do whatever I want, I need merely tell them, and they will do it. Not to worry, I am not the type of person to want to destroy. I have no desire to kill people.

I have them in check. Have you ever played chess? They will do what they do according to what lead I make. Do you want doom and gloom? Do you want the New World Order? Well guess what, whether you like me or not, I play a major role in how things play out. In fact, if I wanted to, I could get the NWO going tomorrow! Don't worry, I don't want to do this, but my question to you is, can you help me avoid it?

There doesn't have to be a nuclear war or anything like that if we don't want it! Speaking of which, do you remember Operation Blackjack earlier this summer? Well that was a lesson directly for me, straight from them!

I need your help! I have written Kerry but I was not straightforward enough. I need you to set aside your ego and respond to this responsibly. For example, don't tell me that this post reeks of ego after I posted a thread about absence of ego because I am doing what I can to get your attention on important matters, do you f****ng understand??? Another example, don't you dare make some snyde little comment like "look who wants attention again" and post a little smiley or something because if you do that people will die and I will not want it do you hear me??? I am calling on any and all high members of this forum to put your heads together to try to decide what to do! If this makes you a little stressed out, you know what, that's ok, because The future of the planet depends on it! So cancel your plans for the rest of the day and tell any other awakened people you know and sit with this for a bit!

I used to be like most of you! I led what I thought to be a spiritual live and "felt sorry" for those who live by service to self. I enjoyed time with friends, I went to sweat lodges, I went to potlucks, we danced, played music, shared food. I posted cute flowery poems on discussion forums like this with smiley faces. Now I find myself in this critical situation!

I want you to think very carefully before you act and leave aside all games and nonsense do you understand me! If you have any ideas or support you can send me a pm or post here. Please be considerate. Do not be afraid. We have been through hell and back. We have decided to do God's work. We can't do it without you. There are no guidelines, just know that I have all of their attention and that without me they might have already gone through with their NWO plans, and that I need your help, your energy, your support. Its too much damn pressure and I can't take it anymore.

This is a life-changing post. This is a world-changing post. This is the post. Please brainstorm with do? What yet...I am not exactly sure...

Thank you for reading. May you be well.