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You're closer to 25 minutes in. I almost missed the beginning, lol!

Great explanations of how everything evolves around energy. Paid for the energy put into it. :)

All things are free that come from the earth, it's the energy that's put into getting those things for everyone that comes to the cost. But that COST doesn't need to equal money.

Exactly, if EVERYONE jumps on board, it won't take long!

Sorry, I'm listening to this as I'm typing.

These guys, for being guys who want to spread the truth and wake people up, are pretty darn blinded. They sound like they really believe that the people in the fossil fuel industry are REALLY looking for cleaner energies.

Let's get us to that 10%. 100th monkey syndrome.

Open source, that SHOULD be the way our world works. Let's make it that way, the way it's meant to be.

50 years, wow! You've done well!

Good points, we WERE free once, and had FREE things once, we need to get back to that kind of thing. Only this time, we have the technology that can encompass the free energy sources to take advantage of to use to help us.

Keep on goin'! You need to continue to push this message out.

I stopped listening as soon as you were done, i was only listening for your section.

So how the hell does that tie into communism? That one baffles my mind. Is it because they broke it down to that 10 year old level for themselves? And they found that logic? Or is is mere coincidence that you were on the same show? Like I said, I stopped listening after your segment.


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Actually... I was a bit taken aback at the "open source" comment. In fact, open source is the platform, and stigmergy is the interactive element that works on the open source platform. So really, They were incorrect. As for the rest, They do think I am describing communism, but with robots to do necessary work no One wants to do, why would We need anything from People (from each according to ability...) except where bliss might direct Them? When an emergency comes up, there are plenty of People who would step in to try and solve it. It may not be Their overall bliss, but would be Their bliss of the moment. And it's not like We have no evidence to go on, relative to THAT expectation.


I can see how your idea could be taken as communism, but there's a bigger picture here. The greed got a end, the people need to start helping each other. All of our leaders need to be held accountable for all their actions, no one should be immune from prosecution. And the only ones I can do that is us. We need to join together and change this world for the betterment of all of mankind and our children's future.


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I'm going to tell You something, Denise... The "Leaders" of today will be unimportant in abundance. Let Us forgive. Let Us pull the money rug from under Them, and build the world as WE want it, in peace, harmony and stigmergy. For once the money is gone, everyOne will be equal in power. Totally and completely equal.

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Sorry, I get so caught up in so much stuff sometimes, I forgot to get back to this.

I listened to the podcast, and I must say, as awake as those guys think they are, they are still quite lost. I have to applaud them for the effort, but they still need to open up to reality and get past their current beliefs.

The open source comment, although not completely accurate is a good start point for some people to kind of get the idea of "oh, that makes sense", even though the stigmergy is more of what you speak. I can see that, yes. I feel, to get people to understand more fully, you must break what they currently think they know and speak in their terms to an extent, and correct where it's needed to broaden what is meant. So, keep up the good work!! I will support you in this as much as I can.

There is no communism in which you speak, I don't know where they get that from, probably just from not understanding the message that is being put out there, I suppose. To that, yes, correction indeed must be made immediately.

I will help to spread this message and to help raise awareness and to help rid this world of the money and any other control system(s). I wish for a peaceful world where we can live in harmony with the abundance that has always been there.

Keep on going with your quest, we're not far off from making this a reality!


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Yeah, I asked Them if I could come on and explain the difference between the abundance paradigm and communism - They said sure but have not gotten back to Me. And yeah... They don't fully get it either. Well, We'll see.