Rattlesnakes invade Scottsdale, AZ apartment complex


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Tenants: Rattlesnakes invade Scottsdale apartments

May 12, 2013 10:40 AM EDT
By Allyson Blair


At first glance, the view of the desert at Dakota at McDowell Mountain Ranch in Scottsdale is serene. For Heather Wallace, it was nearly to die for.

In mid-March, she was bitten by a Mohave rattlesnake just feet from her apartment while trying to save her cat.

"You can feel it grip on. It's like cutting through butter. It grabbed my thumb and went down through the tendon. When it turned around it nicked me on the other side," said Wallace.

The Mohave's venom put Wallace in a coma. She spent a total of nine days in the ICU and had to be readmitted to the hospital three more times. Wallace was left with no feeling in much of her hand.

A few months prior Wallace told CBS 5 her downstairs neighbor was bitten.

Snakes aren't just slithering around outside. A man who lives in the complex showed CBS 5 a picture of a snake he found behind his son's crib, as well as another photo he snapped Saturday night of a snake on the sidewalk nearly at his front door.


Wallace told CBS 5 at the very least, signs need to be put up around the complex warning residents, especially children.

"When you look out, here this is a kid's play land. It's not OK. They're trying to keep it under wraps because they're trying to rent out apartments,"

The leasing office at Dakota at McDowell Mountain Ranch was closed when CBS 5 stopped by Saturday evening.

CBS 5 left a message with management at the complex to see what they're doing to let people know about the snake problem. So far there has been no response.

CREDIT: Tenants: Rattlesnakes invade Scottsdale apartments - CBS 5 - KPHO

Note: With earth changes the natural habitats of wildlife are becoming uninhabitable, I have seen deer running down local city streets where I live with one case where a deer jumped through a living room window of a house in the middle of town during the drought last summer (2012).

It is important that we become and remain conscious of our immediate environments always expecting the unexpected without being paranoid.


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omg! i wouldn't want ot be anywhere near that place. i'm deathly araid of snakes. Those poor children and that woman who was ina coma, my god. Put some damn signs up at the very lest.