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In March 2012 – hawkish Israel lobby group, JINSA, took a group of American Latino leaders on its second fully-paid 6-day annual trip to Israel as part of Latino-Jewish Alliance. The purpose of the trip is to fool the Catholic Latino commuities that the Palestinian Christians enjoy total religious freedom inside Jewish occupied Palestine.

The growing conversion to Islam among the Spanish-speaking communities is troubling the Zionist mafia. In Mexico, Islam is attracting hundreds of converts each year among the indigenous population. Gaspar Morquecho, author of a study of the Muslims of Chiapas, says: “In Islam, race plays no role. Indigenous people are amongst the poorest in the country. Their defiance of capitalism is similar in many respects to the critique of globalization espoused by many left-wingers“.

Muslim population growth has always made the Israelis and their western poodles very nervous. They see the phony Al-Qaeda or Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah, everywhere. In November 2011, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, claimed during a speech in Washington that “Hizbullah is working throughout Latin America including Mexico, which poses a very significant and imminent threat to the United States of America“.

Texas governor Rick Perry added his concern on behalf of Israel Lobby, by saying: “We know that Hamas and Hizbullah are working in Mexico, as well as Iran, with their ploy to come into the United States“.

When Romney and Perry were asked their source of information – both referred to the 8-page report, entitled ‘The Mounting Hezbullah Threat in Latin America‘, prepared by Jewish think tank, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an arm of Israel Lobby (AIPAC).

According to professor Zidane Zeraoui (Technological University of Monterrey), the ‘Marranos’ (Muslims and Jews who were converted to Catholism by force by the Crusaders in former Muslim Spain) arrived in Mexico in the 17th century. Currently, there are over 150,000 Muslims and 40,000 Jews among Mexico’s 90 million population.

In contrast to Jewish Marranos, more and more Mexican and other Latinos are returning to their past Islamic roots.

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