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So what does prophetic really mean?

It simply means: any ministry effort that can be compared to a biblical prophet. Note, however, it is not an "office of a prophet" as some call it, but a gift of a prophet. It is not a position one holds; it is an action one does.

For example, John the Baptist was given a message and mission to prepare Jesus' way. Today, you may be given a message and mission that God uses to prepare the world for the final coming of Jesus. The preparatory part of that message and mission can be called prophetic. It is futuristic in nature because God is telling you where and how to build, and as a builder you see God's plan as an architect. Are you a visionary?

As another example, Agabus the prophet bound Paul's hands and spoke a personal word to Paul, foretelling Paul's future. Though there are many counterfeit activities abroad, they are counterfeiting the true prophetic activity of foretelling. So, personal foretelling is scriptural regardless of other falseness that you may witness. However, not all prophets act as Agabus.

Just observe the Bible prophet example, and the term prophetic is defined. The worse thing you can do is pigeon-hole the term prophetic to mean your favorite Bible prophets, or the current prophets of the day.

Q. How do I define the prophetic for my ministry, Temple Builders, and my book, Temple Builders: The High Calling?

A. I perceive God is speaking a preparatory word to His people to prepare His bride. I am not interested in telling you about ways you can escape impending doom. I am not interested in explaining how all the events of Revelation will manifest themselves. Instead, I desire to speak a word that causes you to go to God's next level for your life—in maturity. This word is a word sounding a trumpet; it sounds an alarm to get ready, but also sounds the trumpet for God's future prophetic festivities.

Though I observe many ministries making loud soundings of prophetic utterance, I perceive God's true prophetic utterance is much quieter in the earth. This utterance is heard by those that desire Him, and Him alone. To find God's prophetic, you must desire to know Him more than anything that can overshadow His voice. It is then—God's thunderous voice is distinctly heard.
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