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Alan Watt, (the thinking man's David Icke) in this video talks about how the illuminati uses mind control on the Profane to set up the New World Order. Here is a small extract. "Charles Galton Darwin the grandson of Charles Darwin, said that "every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people," and he was all for it. That was a NATURAL ORDER according to him and of course those who are trained in power and control of the people are trained in this technique since birth. They're brought up listening to a different version of reality than someone brought up in a local housing area. They're told that the realities of life the predators should be at the top the natural order. They're predators of course because they're such hypocrites. As good predators they can't tell the children how they're really feeding off them or manipulating them for different ends because children don't understand these things and those with the low IQ's you know the little people at the bottom of the hill you've got to keep them in the dark".

Reality Check - Alan Watt