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Resolving Your Pain by Stuart Wilde

I have a friend who is very wise, he works in the film business, his perception is acute. I asked what he thought the reason for pain was, as my life has been one of suffering injustice and low-grade agony for years on end. He told me that the pain we suffer today saves us from a worse pain tomorrow.

I was gobsmacked. "The world is about to fall backwards into a holocaust of pain," I said, "I don't think I could face it. Betrayal hurts me the most and the children about equal, I suppose. They seem innocent."

He said that betrayal and disappointment is part of our tears so we can learn how futile it all is. In that process, we see that futility is one of the important lessons we have to learn. Once we understand futility, we can appreciate real spiritual worth better when we see it. We are more grateful for it.

I explained I have been ripped off and betrayed by almost every single person that has ever gotten close to me, with hardly any exceptions.

The film man reminded me of a strange phenomenon, in that he said the light evokes the dark to come out. I told him I've had direct experience of this, as when I go into the Aluna Mirror World dimension, my light (little as it might be) is still enough to attract the ghouls to come out of the dark--and I then kill them. I've rubbed out 84,000 in one-on-one hand fighting since I started nine months ago. It must help a bit.

I told him I can see in the dark. The Sacred Beings manufactured some etheric glasses for me over a period of three years, like night visions glasses. And though I have seen the ghouls in night-vision green, I usually see them in the dark by the slight change or nuance their almost imperceptible movements make. Sometimes, if one is hiding deep in the darkness of the hell worlds, a purple dot flashes at its location to show me where it is. Then I get it.

My friend said it is the same process for the people close to me. Their dark comes out and they falter. That really moved my soul. I've seen it happen so many times in the past two years, maybe twenty times. Almost none stood to the task. All those endless pledges of love, bravery and loyalty--just hollow words and cheesy grins. And then there were a few that did stand their ground. Bless 'em.

Then one day four of us started to get what I call the Lamb of God pain. It is a deep etheric pain in one's energy field, like a pain in the bones for which there is no cure or medical remedy. It is excruciating, and when it gets really bad, I have to lie down and stay very still, or I'd pass out from it.

It comes from people in the street--feeling the pain of their lives--or the pain of mangled children in Palestine, or from war and people's hatred generally.

A friend told me to blow love on to the place in my body where it hurts from absorbing the pain. And that worked a bit. But then the Beings showed me another technique that really works that can also help you with all your emotional pain.

As a person passes me in the street and their pain hurts me badly, I say almost silently, "I offer you my piety". Not that I think I have any great piety to speak of, just to say I humbly offer you what I do have. I offer you my compassion. I offer you my love. I offer you my ability to see. I offer you my eternity. I offer you my courage. I offer you my tenderness, and so on.

It may sound grandiose, but if you do it from all humility, it is not grand. It is much like saying, "I don't have a lot of food, but I offer you what I do have."

When I start this mantra of offering goodness to the pain, I found it goes very quickly. And while the Lamb of God pain does come back maybe ten times a day, each time I say the words of my offer, it passes. So if someone hurts you, offer them your piety, your love, your endurance, your understanding. Offer them redemption beyond their evil and dysfunction. It works brilliantly. It sets you free. (Silent Power ©Stuart Wilde 2009) Stuart Wilde Official Blog - Stuart Wilde Blog

P.S. I was so moved to learn this process it changed my life.

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Stuart Wilde (born September 24, 1946) is a British writer. Best known for his works on metaphysics and consciousness,[1] he is also a lecturer, essayist, humorist, lyricist, and music producer. He is the author of eighteen books including the popular series The Taos Quintet: Miracles, The Force, Affirmations, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some.