Truth feeder
Brandon Turbeville
December 17, 2009

On December 15, 2009 the CDC released a statement announcing the recall of 800,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine from the market. This was a story that should have received widespread coverage in the national media but, instead, largely died out at the local news level. Although some local stations made the recall their top story, many simply reported it as if it were no big deal and mentioned nothing else about it in subsequent broadcasts. Yet you would think that the recall of close to 1 million vaccines would spark the national interest, especially when the vaccines are for a “pandemic” that was initially supposed to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and disrupt the entire society.

Sanofi-Pasteur made a similar mistake with the H5N1 vaccine in 2006. If one chooses to believe the hype about H1N1 then he/she should be quite worried about the reasons given for the recall – that it is not potent enough. The fact that the company who manufactures the vaccine is Sanofi-Pasteur is also significant because Sanofi-Pasteur made a similar mistake with the H5N1 vaccine in 2006. At the time, H5N1 was the virus that was supposed to kill us all. It seems that the lack of potency issue is a recurring theme with this particular company demonstrating, at best, a dangerous level of incompetence.

Since true independent science has never been able to find that vaccines are even effective, let alone safe, potency becomes a non-issue to those of us who do not take Big Pharma’s word as truth. However, there are two peculiar questions regarding this recall that need to be asked.

First, although Sanofi-Pasteur and the CDC cite lack of potency as a reason for the recall, they seem to cast doubt upon their own claims. The “potency” of a vaccine is merely measured by the concentration of the antigen (the active ingredient), and the CDC admits in its’ own statement that the potency of the vaccine is only “slightly below the specified range (CDC FAQ).” Yet they go on to say that “The vaccine in these lots is still expected to be effective in stimulating a protective response despite this slight reduction in the concentration of antigen (CDC FAQ).” If the media and government claim of vaccine shortage is true, it would seem illogical to recall such a large number of them if they were still effective.

Second, and perhaps most disturbing, is the fact that the vaccines being removed from the market are the preservative and thimerosal free versions. In article published by Bloomberg, Tom Randall writes, “The recalled shots are preservative-free syringes of a low-dose version made for children ages 6 months through 25 months, [Anne Shuchat, head of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC] said. There are no remaining preservative-free shots available for children under 2 years old (Randall).” According to Randall, Schuchat goes on to say that thimerosal has proven safe in different studies even though some parents are leery of it.

The idea that thimerosal, aluminum, monosodium glutamate, or any of other preservatives used in these vaccines is safe is absolutely ludicrous. The fact is, thimerosal is 49.6% mercury. The EPA itself declares .1 mcg of mercury to be toxic yet there is, on average, 25 mcg in a single flu shot. The science that Shuchat refers to is the new brand of welfare science that relies on research grants from Big Pharma, vaccine makers, and eugenics foundations. True independent science has shown just the opposite of her claims.

Regardless of the lack of coverage by the mainstream media (something informed individuals should be used to by now), this is information that needs to be distributed. This recall has effectively removed all preservative-free vaccines off the market for children under two. So, for those parents who at least know to ask for thimerosal-free vaccines, the option is no longer on the table. With only the thimerosal vaccine now available, one has to wonder if potency was ever an issue at all or if the recall was merely an attempt to leave the plebs with only one option. That is, if they are uninformed enough to be vaccinated to begin with.

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