Scary Facts About Stop Online Piracy Act


"The truth behind the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is explained by The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur."

"I don't think many people are seeing a MAJOR loophole in this. Government finds site they don't like say wiki leaks, Government comments on site with link to a site with pirated content, Government legally gets rid of site. With this bill ANY site the government doesn't like or the top corporations don't like can be wiped off of the internet legally allowing the government to stop the spread of information they don't like or for corporations to make themselves the only companies on the internet.
bobomb26 12 hours ago"

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Alright, I've been meaning to post on this anyways, for a while now.

So, I guess I'll start by saying how BS it is, and that when things like this get put to a vote, the people don't even know what they're really voting about, so our freedoms inevitably get taken away. The freedom to have websites that tell the public what's REALLY going on, need to remain open and free to the public to view. Acts such as this one, and sooooo many others in the recent past alone, are preventing humans from having freedom to be human. The next thing your gonna see them doing is monitoring every time you fart or take a shit. Just sayin. That's what things like this lead to.

These elite want a completely Orwellian society where people like us, can't speak out about ANYTHING that we think if it contradicts "the norm".

BS. I will never shut my mouth about the truth. And I will be on this site unless it gets shut down by this Act that could allow that to happen. I for one, am standing against any "laws" or "Acts" that oppose freedom. This is one of those.

Besides, Piracy is the act of stealing, therefore not leaving the original thing, Online Piracy and Software Piracy is not actual piracy, it is merely taking a copy of the original and leaving the original in place. No one loses anything and information is freely spread. People need to see what is TRULY happening and WHY their 'beloved' governments want the truth suppressed.

It's a good thing more and more people are waking up, but not enough quickly enough. Our numbers are growing, but we need to get people up to speed sooner.