Screaming Match 'Confronts' Aussie PM JuLIAR Gillard on Carbon Tax..!


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Screaming match confronts Gillard


A FIERY slanging match between shoppers outside a Brisbane supermarket has overrun Prime Minister Julia Gillard's campaign to sell her government's carbon tax.

"It's running our small businesses down the drain mate," he said. "Think about it."

As the drama played out around her, Ms Gillard continued chatting to people sitting outside a kebab shop.

She then introduced herself to Mrs Sottile, trying to joke about the confrontation.

"We've created some excitement in the shops," she said.

Mrs Sottile told reporters she was "sick to death" of hearing what she believed was misinformation about the new tax.

"All you hear are people who are ignorant, who know nothing about the package, who know nothing about climate change, spouting their views and putting them on other people," she said.

Ms Brown, who was wielding a sign that read: "Most incompetent government since Whitlam", told reporters she felt Australians were being led astray.

"I've never been in a protest in my life, I wasn't even in a protest at university," the Brookfield woman said.

"I honestly believe that she doesn't have a mandate, I really strongly believe that, and I believe the Australian people want to have a say on this issue."

Shortly before the encounter, the Prime Minister had been confronted by another woman, who refused to give her name, who asked: "Why did you LIE to us?’’ and criticised her handling of the carbon tax issue.


Though there was no time for questions from the media, 100 uncommitted Queensland voters will have the chance to put their concerns to the Prime Minister tonight in The Courier-Mail/Sky News People’s Forum at Customs House.

Ms Gillard is in Brisbane for a people's forum on the carbon tax package, announced on Sunday.

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