Second 'intergalactic quest' launched


Second 'intergalactic quest' launched
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AMSTERDAM - Today is the start for Galaxy Zoo 2. This is the successor to a successful astronomical research where everyone can participate.

The goal is the fullest possible identification of the different types of galaxies in the universe. The first part of this inter-galactic quest have 150,000 volunteers participated.

Together they have a half years, 80 million classifications done. Ie: photos of galaxies and view it in a number of categories. But that was pretty rough.


Consider only a system of elliptical or spiral shaped, and whether any spiral arms in a clockwise or counter-clockwise turn. Collisions between galaxies were also reported, in a catalog of 3000 cases resulted.

In Galaxy Zoo 2, 250,000 of the brightest systems from the extensive database of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey examined. This painstaking work can still best be done by people, because computers are not as good in this kind of pattern recognition



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