Secret government in Europe


Secret government in Europe
Friday, May 1, 2009

A secret government officials, the real power in Europe. Netherlands refuses to do anything about it. It says the prominent Danish EU-critic Jens-Peter Bonde, from blogging about Europe today for the NIS.

According to Bonde, most decisions in Europe behind the scenes, by one of the more than 3000 working groups of officials. If Europe is closer to the citizen would emerge, something to be done is Bonde.

"We urgently need more democracy," writes the Dane. "Elected representatives should be able to have all the laws."

Treaty of Maas Tricht
Jens-Peter Bonde MEP was 29 years and led several Eurosceptic groups. He stood at the head of the Danish "No" campaign against the Maastricht Treaty and in Brussels as the founder of the Euro-skepticism.

In the Europarlement Bonde was one of the first and fiercest opponents of the European Constitution. He has published more than 60 books on Europe and has - he writes in his blog - a special relationship with the Netherlands.

Bonde was from the beginning declared opponent of the Maastricht Treaty and the European Constitution. In the parliament came to him that much criticism, but after the 'No' in France and the Netherlands against the European Constitution, he was acclaimed.

Bonde went last year to retire. He now publishes books on Europe and is involved in sites like He is known as critical and factual.

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