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Just recently (last two weeks) my calves and feet have begun to swell. I do not know why. I eat organic foods, and do what exercise My rheumatological condition allows. But now I am having this problem.

Any help would be gratefully accepted. (Wasn't going to ask - but then I thought...perhaps I can get healing; have no money for a doctor - not that I trust Them to begin with - so why not ask.)

Lady of Light

Upon sending the energy to heal (the first pass) I was given a message that there were somehow "toxins" introduced into your system that are "causing a blockage". I have been working to try and remove them and get everything flowing properly again.

Upon the second pass at the healing, the visions started. I got a very clear, very vivid image of a bunch of dark red large radishes, and they looked freshly picked. Then a vision of I'm not sure what vegetable, so I'll do my best to describe. It looks almost like a Chinese cabbage, but not green, it starts out white from the root and goes to a deep red or purplish color at the leaves where it veins out. Like I said, not sure what vegetable that is, but maybe you'll know?

Anyhow, I can't help but wonder, did you eat either of these recently?


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Interesting... I have psoriasis - related to My rheumatological condition. I am treating the patches with shea butter and they're getting better. But I still pull a bit of dead skin off now and then. I cannot identify the vegetable. I live on sprouted grain bread (organic), salads of spinach, arugula and other typical salad greens (organic) with mayo, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, spices (most all organic) for dressing, quinoa (organic), oatmeal (steel-cut, organic), tomatoes and avocados (organic), corn chips (organic), onions, garlic, shallots, nuts and berries, and high cacao chocolate (organic) as a treat.

Sometimes I have a bit of hummus with My chips or some salsa.

Don't recognize the vegetable You describe at all.

BUT, I felt Your energy right away. And today the swelling is mostly gone! And I feel much more energetic. I do attribute all this to Your help and want to thank You profusely!

Lady of Light

Glad to help! I'm still sending the healing energies. :)

Maybe those vegetables (the radish and the ?) should be introduced into your diet along with everything else? The radishes were a bright clear vision so I take those very seriously; the ? was a lesser but still important vision, I can only describe it as a red chinese cabbage for lack of anything better.


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I will get some radishes! And look for cabbages that seem to fit the bill. Yes, I can sense the energy You are sending. Have felt it from the start. Again, thank You so much!


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Hello Amaterasu. I have some suggestions that can help. I see your problem as being one of excess acidity in your body. Rheumatism and psoriasis are direct results of this. Leave all grains out of your diet entirely and never touch them again. Start eating one lemon daily, as well as watermelon, pineapple, broccoli and any other alkaline-producing plants you can find. There is a difference between alkaline and alkaline-producing. Make sure the list you search is one for the production of alkaline results. Organic options are great as long as they are not the weak, sad little things one sometimes sees in the shops. Make sure they are at least comparable in size and color to their chemical-laden crop mates.

For the swollen ankles and such, read up on reflexology. You can find good charts online though it will take a while to find one that is right for your body. They can be quite different because we are all different so naturally there will be maps that practitioners produce with their average results. Learn to massage out those lymph blockages. It will help to first soak your feet in either a clay bath (preferably Ghassoul or Rhassoul, depending on the translation from Arabic) for half an hour or so and then give them a good thorough massage, starting with the right foot. Go up your leg to the knee too. Along the sides of your tibia you will find a number of hard nodules. Those are blocked lymph nodes. Feel free to break them. They grow back within 24 hours so no fears. You won't need to do it many times, I hope. :)

Naturally if you can't do this yourself, you can always ask someone else to do the massage for you, but it's best to do this yourself. Build up to it. Start walking more bit by bit. Practicing qigong will help all physical ailments across the board. It is extremely easy to learn and there are free videos online that will start you on your way. No need to do expensive courses (like I did, stupidly). Very effective exercises in video are provided by Falun Dafa | Falun Gong | ???? | ??? - They may also have sessions near where you live. You needn't worry about following a philosophy or political ideology there. They just offer exercise sessions, free of charge.

Also, if you drink a lot of coffee, sodas, or juices, please stop. Green tea, tisanes and infusions with honey from local sources will serve you much better. Water (with organic apple cider vinegar) is obviously best. Hot water with locally produced honey and a slice of lemon makes a very suitable hot drink.

These things will already produce some good results for you. It would be good to look deeper once you've started with these suggestions first though. You are responsible for your health so all action must be instigated by you. You heal you. Others can only give you some insight.

One thing that occurred to me is that perhaps you feel somewhat unloved in your world, perhaps? There are many sources of love around you. I feel you are not seeing or appreciating these though. Would you happen to be born in October or just on either side thereof? Regardless, what you must realize is that there is no love that will fulfill you. You must love yourself. No matter what else happens in the world, you must always draw strength from your own heart. There is a great deal of love around you if you will just open your heart to receive it.


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Thank You for all Your advice. I would love to afford the clay bath - but presently I am jobless (after now over 50,000 applications over the last six+ years since I was laid off), virtually homeless (sleeping in the corner on the floor of a friend's very tiny, VERY cramped apartment) and literally penniless. So My options are somewhat limited.

No quinoa? Ah, I adore quinoa. And sandwiches. Is oatmeal out, too!?! Fortunately, though I enjoy (as My daily treat) a cup of coffee in the morn, I don't touch anything but water, room temp, filtered (from a town supply that does NOT fluoridate, thank goodness!) for My fluid. I will attempt to shift My eating as soon as My food stamps are reupped. None left on My card for now, and My "pantry" is...if not full, at least has enough to keep Me alive until more stamps come in.

I'll check into the qigong, and hope I find I have enough room here (narrow pathways between mountains of stuff - I was lucky to clear a corner when I arrived). I do some yoga, but many of the poses are cramped in here... And this is NOT an area I would try to do anything but get where I am going outside.

I am an Aquarian, actually. Late January. And to be honest, I really haven't thought about how loved or unloved I am. I am on a mission to save Humanity from the power elite and spend 10-16 hours a day (with breaks and job applications thrown in) spreading awareness of the information in The End of Entropy - which You can see here. (In fact, I was just interviewed this evening on Red List Radio about electrogravitics, money, and the Abundance Paradigm.) I am alone I suppose - except for My friend, and My many other friends in many other cities, but it does not bother Me. I have discovered I am quite happy alone, and know I connect with all My friends on a different level than the 3D +T.

What is important now in My life is getting My info to the tipping point. I do not want Humanity to be decimated and enslaved. This burns in My heart.

Anyway, thank You so much! I do appreciate Your advice immensely and look forward to putting it all to work.


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Funny, I almost threw in the Aquarian aspect. That's the other one that manifests similarly, though more commonly with thyroid problems. I will assume that your rheumatism has an unknown cause? Otherwise you would probably call it something more specific. Commonly, this is an auto-immune disease as are thyroid problems. They are manifestations of your soul and mindset.

I know it's not the nicest thing to have to give up grains. Being a former pastry chef who now has rather extreme celiac disease, I can honestly say that I know how bad that feels. But if you want to heal, you must change. It's that simple. You are too acidic and that requires cutting out all grain and dairy, and obviously all meats. Start eating cabbage too - raw - with avocado, for example. Choose young, tender cabbages and slice them very thinly. Eat that several times per day and you'll definitely feel your metabolism gear up. Go for walks.

Do not make your diet complicated. One food at a time, if you can. Eat the same single food for a week or more if you can manage it. It will optimize your metabolism over time and allow you to feel the effects of the food on your body.

I know you feel a sense of mission in your connections online, but there is a need to look inside yourself now. If you were as balanced as you say, you would not have the two particular diseases you named. Look inside. Look hard and look with love for your Self.

I want to add that my situation is in some ways similar. I have been unemployed for now moving into my fifth year and it's taken a lot of introspection to understand what's going on. You need to stop trying to save others for a while, or at least tone it down for a bit while you focus on yourself. It's more important than you might imagine.
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I have had this rheumatological condition - that's what the rheumatologist called it - for 40ish years, and I suspect "vaccines" to be the culprit. Yes, it is undefined. My SED rates are normal, and unlike My mother, who had rheumatoid arthritis, My joints are not deteriorating. But any repeated movement for any duration, or long periods of pressure (like standing), and they hurt, and swell, and get pink, and hurt worse, and are a miserable thing to endure. This is why I am restricted to desk jobs. I would be asking People if They wanted fries with that, otherwise.

The rheumatologist - He was head Rh at Kaiser in LA when I lived there - said it is rare but not unheard of for SED rates to be normal and still have a condition.

Don't eat meat, though I do like eggs every now and then... The only dairy I have is a splash of 1/2 & 1/2 in My cup of coffee in the morning - like I said, it is My one treat, that cup I wake up to. I love sugar in it but have moved to liquid stevia, not because I prefer it but because I just don't want the sugar, and it's not too much of a diminishment of pleasure.

As for My balance... I could go into the mildly horrific last few years of My life, but there is nothing to be done about it and I persist in looking forward; My work comforts Me. And more to the point, I am driven. There is such a sense of urgency - as though a voice is saying, if it doesn't come out NOW, it will be too late. So I do what I can while I have a connection to the interweb. I may not have one at any moment. Things are...tense, in that I am a highly organized, and rather minimalist sort, and the mess I live in now is disruptive. But I endure, because it's that or back into a shelter (and I REALLY don't want to go to a shelter again! Now THERE's stress!) But at any time, My friend just might decide that He has had enough. I never know.

And honestly, I truly am comfortable with who I am and where I am going. Except for the swollen calves and feet. And I think the diet, especially, and any exercise I am able to get will help greatly. I take full responsibility for where I am, and oddly, though I fought to make it not so, I have known all My life I would be right where I am. Not the details, but the generalities. I am sorry to hear of Your difficulties. I would never wish them upon a soul, but in this economy, many, many of Us are falling where We always thought We would fly.

Anyway, I will, as I said, make changes in diet when I have that option. I will look into qigong, and do what I am able.

Again, I want to thank You. This gives Me proactive choices which promise to fix what ails Me.


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Mine are not difficulties. I have changed my perception of things and enjoy all this quite thoroughly now. After more than 30 years of work, suddenly being without work was something of a shock. There are reasons for it though and the more I've grown to understand those reasons, the more my world has changed. I was like you for many years. I needed to wake people up. I thought I was awake because I could see what they could not. That urgency is gone now. When you look inside and see what's really there, things start to make sense. The urgency is not external though. I wish I could make you understand that. There is no "too late".

There are metaphysical reasons for illness. Info can be found freely online.

There is no disease that cannot be healed with the right mindset. If you tell yourself that you are this or you are that, so you will be. Change that inner dialogue and change your life. You self-create every moment. Choose it instead of being "victim" to it. This is the root of everything auto-immune. We do it to ourselves.


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I have been working on this, the solving of the problems, all My life. I fully awakened to the fact of an elite class whose lies are controlling Us about 12 years ago. I felt some urgency then to wake Others up - failing, of course. They were not ready. And I backed off, went inside, understood that the time was not right. I continued on My work of constructing a solution. By 2009 I had encountered the key understandings - chaos, emergence, fractals, and other elements - and I constructed the solution. I wrote a book, and again I felt an urgency. Again I went forth, and though I had a better reception, mostly I was blown off. Again, I looked deeply and found that the time was not right.

I wrote The End of Entropy in 2010 - yet did NOT encounter an urgency, though I did put it out there and did point People to it.

Recently, though, I encountered signs... Recently, I have "heard" an insistence that NOW is the time. NOW is the point at which enough People will be ready to hear, and that if this is not put out there, with intense effort, it WILL BE too late. The elites WILL kill most of Us. They WILL enslave the rest. We must have a plan and a goal, and that is what I offer.

So though I gratefully accept Your assessment, I will beg to differ. As I knew many things I encountered in My life (good and bad), I know I am, if not THE key, at least one key in saving Humanity at this juncture.


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You said it yourself: They were not ready. One can only accept the help you're ready to accept at that time. Recognize that the same applies here. Your action was to back off and understand. That is exactly what I said to myself at the beginning of your thread. This is classic auto-immune reaction, so it was well anticipated.

When you finally understand, I too will still be here.

Humanity will not die out. This is not such a small thing as that but maybe this is what you need to do to save yourself. That is equally important.


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No, Humanity will not die out - just 80-90% of Us - and the rest enslaved. The Georgia Guidestones are a clue. I aim to stop that, and if You think I haven't checked the same place I checked before, You would be wrong. That same place says it's not about ME; it's about what I bring and its success for Humankind.

It says the People are ready. It says to apply Myself diligently. And I am succeeding now as I never have before. But it is not over yet, and I must persevere for a while yet longer, and work through diet and movement to maintain My body. It IS that important.


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if you have 'clay' in a local riverbed...
and, you are short on funds,
you can dig some up,
then, 'fire' it
(which means hit it up to boiling, then let it cool)
-firing clay kills any type of organism that lives in it
and, then the 'clay is pure'
-there are also forms of clay you can purchase,
and, they will help to detox your body
however, if you are going to use drying things,
it is important to make sure you consume
good clear clean water
approx 1/2 oz for every lb of you
(so, if you weigh 200 lb, drink 100 oz) of water daily
- also, there is good bacteria/flora and bad bacteria/flora
in your body, so, a good probotic can be good to supplement with,
or, discover/research what natural foods contain these sort of 'good gals/guy' for your body
- i see someone mentioned 'apple cider vinegar', although it is a hard swallow - that is good for you
- also, DE has benefits (do NOT inhale it), however it does have benefits for getting rid of bad parasites