Sick of the Rich Complaining About Paying More Taxes...


Truth feeder
I’m so sick of that quote “the top 1% earners paid more taxes than the bottom 95%”. Because the top 1% made all their money off the backs of the rest of us. People they employed, managed, etc… They made their money off the backs of poor people. So, in a way we all contributed to their wealth, so of course they have an obligation to pay more in taxes. They should pay way more than they do now.

After reading an ultra conservative review of Michael Moore’s new movie, it only made me want to go buy it. Sounds like Michael Moore has the right idea. We should all have the right to free health care, adequate living wages and pensions, etc… What’s wrong with that? The funny thing about capitalism is that in it’s purest form it’s slavery. With no rights. It is opposite to democracy, which calls for universal rights and all of us having a say in how things are run. And all of us should have a fair slice of the pie too. Maybe we should get to vote on who runs the corporations, the media, the banks, and not just government. Because that’s where the real power is -the banks, media, corporations. They all hugely influence the policies of the so called democratically elected governments. So, where’s the democracy?