Solar Activity 28-30 March 2011


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We are heading into another active solar period with 8 sunspot at this time. Old sunspot 1166 which caused a X flare and 4 flares a few weeks ago will be emerging tomorrow. March 29-30 could have affects here on earth. IB. Solar Activity Forecast: Solar activity is expected to be moderate for the next three days (28-30 March). A chance for M-class activity exists on day one (28 March) becoming likely on days two and three (29 - 30 March) with a slight chance for X-class activity on 29 - 30 March. This expected increase in activity is due to the complex nature of Regions 1176 and 1183 plus the return of old Regions 1166 (N10, L=110) on 28 March and 1169 (N17, L=078) on 30 March. On their last transit across the disk, these regions produced a total of six M-class events and one X-class event.