[ALERT!] Solar activity increased to high levels – July 4, 2012 summary


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Ran across this posting thought I'd share.Very scary news indeed, the Sun has been acting and reacting unusually this year. I've also seen the comet or object that crashed into the sun. Heaven help us if the X flare happens.

There are those who believe that the sun is has an affect with our weather. Wonder if these flares are the cause of this heat wave pattern we're in?

Before It's News

Lot’s of solar flares today… and just when you think it’s over a moderate solar flare reaching M4.6 peaks at 22:09 UTC. That was fifth M-class solar flare for the day. The source of this latest eruption was Region 1514.

NOAA/SWPC estimates 80% chance for another M-class event and high 25% chance for X-class solar flare!

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fear the sun? No way.

Please find your own understandings of the following-
The sun was formed and as a result, the planets. There would be no Earth without the sun.
There is no energy for life and growth here on earth except that which comes from the sun.
Cosmic processes are natural and unpreventable, what must be will be :)
Nothing stays the same, change is natural process.

Do not fear, it is the mind killer.

With love...
Thank you, I believe , however, a part of me is suspicious about what angle The Powers That Be may be attempting to contrive. I saw it (the flares) mentioned on ABC World News. (I like to be made aware of what drivel the MSM is trying to perpatrate on the American people) There's also a story about how the FBI is going to try or is going to shut down portions of the Internet on July 9th for a repair of a computer virus. So, I'm kind of linking these two stories together (The Solar Flares) and the virus together. Mix these together and what do we get? Just curious.
That would make sense. A solar flare cover-up to what else that may be planned.

But as for actual solar flares, there's no need to worry. We're bombarded all the time by what they call 'flares'. :)
I know fear can be used against us, 9/11 and the what followed afterwards the wars and the implementation of another large branch of the government the TSA. We must've lived thousands of years with large solar flares, I'm sure they're nothing new. (just not without modern conveniences however) but still we as a people did survive. Thanks for Reminding me.
Yes it would make sense, I do believe man kind has survived many solar flares not just C flares but M and maybe the X (I'm not a scientist, by any means) but then they didn't have they're electronic gadgets to worry about. But maybe they had something just as good as we have who knows. Anythings possible, I always say.
I would add that the anything and everything is possible. There is no such thing as impossible! There is only infinite possibilities. If you can think it it's possible. There are no limits. As for the solar flares they are definitely using it to scare us for some reason.
Yes, one can only speculate for what reason. We can only hope that its for our good.

it's only impossible if they or we can prove its impossible, until then anything can be possible. Hope that makes sense.
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I still think it's important to see what the Sun is doing, yes you shouldn't fear it, but it's still interesting to keep track of the solar flares and the connection to the overall elite plans.
You're right it shouldn't be feared it helps give life. It's a shame that they're using it to purvey fear. It is definately a good idea to monitor the sun and its quirks.
I know there's nothing to be fearful of when it comes to hearing about the solar flare activity, except for why it's being reported to us through MSM. There's a hidden agenda, as always, and this is the cover, as always. I'll be waiting to see what they are trying to cover with this. It could be multiple things, but they need to make sure it's the right flare in the right spot to have scientists confirm that it happened and so they can blame whatever it is they're doing on the flare(s).
Unfortunately, all we have is speculation for almost EVERYTHING. But, at least we are awake enough TO speculate. :) I don't think things are gonna happen quite how they expect though. Good for us, too bad for them.

They are on a time limit with everything they do now, so if they don't get the "right" flare to use in their distraction/cover-up, then their plans fall through, and I'm ok with that.

I feel like I'm rambling, half asleep typing, so I'll just let it go at that for now.
You got that right. We still have a brain to think our own thoughts with, not so, the poor sheeple. One of these days the you know whats going to hit the proverbial fan, and they'll really be gobsmacked.

At least we'll be able to generate some ideas as to what happened. :)
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As I read through this thread, it occurred to me that I can't recall a single warning from the authorities anywhere that has actually been worth issuing warning about. Have I become this pessimistic where they're concerned? Honestly, I've been sitting here trying to come up with just one single event. One small anything. I can only come up with stuff that has fizzled out miserably. Can anyone else do better? Surely there's *something*.

If there really is nothing, why do we allow them any control over anything in our lives at all?
I can't remember all the "threats" we've been under since 9/11, it does leave you wondering. They're probably just using the "fear" tactic trying to let people be prepared for any event. Perhaps, who knows, what's in their minds.
How about swine flu? Remember what a hubbub that was? SARS? Think all the way back to Y2K and think forward until now. What have they warned of that has actually been worth even a fraction of the noise they've made about it?

Honestly, isn't enough wolf-crying enough already now? Shouldn't we make it a matter of course that we look beyond what they're warning about and assume there's really something rotten going on that they don't want us to notice? Shouldn't it be a warning to look elsewhere, by now? Solar flares indeed. They had to orchestrate 9/11 to create any credibility whatsoever. Why people, after this long, even believe the first letter of the official story is beyond me - and they didn't warn about that, did they? They wanted that fear power to permeate everything, and it did.

The whole situation is sick. The way we live our lives is sick. The things we allow them to tell us and do to us is sick. There's not been a solar flare large enough to cure what ails us.
Thanks for jogging the memory.

All the so-called stories seem to be bogus after awhile. You no what the latest attempt is as seen on ABC World news last night?

Chicken that's been injected with antibiotics so much it somehow(I onl half listened to this drivel) able to let a super bug virus build up in people and can go unnoticed. Until yada yada yada So, my estimation no such thing exists. Another attempt to scare us out of eating what we like to eat. What do you suppose they want us to eat, if everything's bad for you?