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This thread could just as easily be in the health and healing section, but I chose spirituality as it is the main reason I have been Sun gazing.

I started Sun gazing quite by accident this summer and have since noticed many wonderful effects. I was happy to find this video that explains some of what will happen to those who participate in Sun gazing, and it sure ain't blindness...:nono:
A small example.. You can get rid of glasses and return to 20/20 vision, Pilots and others have been doing this. After the eyes are healed the next thing is the mind will become balanced, which as a result creates perfect health physicaly . Don't believe it? Give this video a chance and try it for yourself...
The speaker in this video basically lives on Sun alone, he has been studied by Nasa, as food is a problem for Astronauts in space. All food is a secondary source of Sun, raw food that is, cooking food kills the Sun inside.

He makes a really good point near the beginning of how we have been tricked into believing that the Sun is our enemy. Nothing could be further from the truth, it is the cause of all life on this planet, and if we detach ourselves from this source, all sorts of mental and physical disorders are created... Our eyes and eye sockets are connected straight to our brain. Staring at the Sun (safely) is akin to plugging in your computer, it will power up that brainuter (As he calls it). :lmfao:
Tragicomedy that we've been led to believe the sun is harmful.

Happy gazing.


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Yes, indeed sun gives us a lot of benefits to our health as human beings. There are more techniques offered about sun gazing also at whatifthemovie.tv where the master sun gazer Hira Ratan Manek talks about sun gazing in an interview.