Sonar ships make dolphins deaf temporarily


Sonar ships make dolphins deaf temporarily
Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Dolphins may temporarily deaf by sonar from ships. Since dolphins a natural form of sonar used to communicate with each other, they get distracted by the much louder sounds produced by humans. It could explain why dolphins and other marine mammals sometimes on the coast.

Last month hundreds of whales and dolphins washed to the shores of Australia. Although animal did their best for the animals back into safe waters to get the most stranded animals came to life. It was not clear why the whales and dolphins en masse to the coast zwommen. Possible about the military activity of vessels for something. Sonar causes according to a study by the University of Hawai at least temporary hearing loss in dolphins.

It is not clear that these dolphins only cause beaches. The study also suggests that dolphins repeatedly and intensely disturbing noises to be exposed before an effect is present. (gb)


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