Sorcha Faal: Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? How To Tell the Difference


Truth feeder
Editors Note: I posted this article from another site which accidentally posted a picture of True Ott as David Booth. I know for a fact that this was an accident and it has been fixed.
I ask anyone that picked this article up to please change the picture if you haven’t already. All the information in regards to disinformation coming from Sorcha Faal was and is accurate.

You can read the updated version of this article here.

Apology from Philip Brennan.
I made a major mistake in my last article, “Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? How to tell the difference“, and have misaligned a major member of the Patriot Movement. The Patriot I have misaligned is Dr True Ott, PhD. The photo that I used for David Booth turned out to be of Dr True Ott, and not who I said it was. Also, the photo attributed to the female persona of Sorcha Faal is of Dr True Ott’s daughter.
This has taught me a major lesson that I need to learn: Triple check my sources.
Apart from these two major mistakes, the information on “Sorcha Faal” is still sound, and the aforementioned article has been corrected at this site and at I would humbly ask those of you who have cross posted this article to refer back to the corrected version, and edit as necessary. Thank you.
Dr True Ott, PhD, has written for various publications including, and maintains his own web site here.
Again, my apologies to Dr True Ott, PhD.
Philip Brennan.