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The three Wingmakers sites have many free downloads in ebookpdf form. Interesting paintings and hidden links in the paintings for an adventure of discovery
eventtemples is a site for learning emotional self mastering and the 6 heart virtues
lyricus website is the official website of the Lyricus Teaching Order - learn their philosophy

soul connection network and soul connection tv
websites which are full of amazingly fascinating material including, art videos all about you and your journey. There is a section called the Grand Portal wihich is devoted to the Wingmakers and has a free ebook to download about the mythology of the Wingmakers.

What is a myth? learn more at the above sites and enjoy a grand journey of self discovery with music art and quantum communities building on compassion and virtues

Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden Home
is a scientist who is bridging science and spirit. He has travelled all over the world and shares his findiings about the Divine Matrix, 2012 and much more. Learn more about the inner life and power of the soul.