Star Trek is partly true: transparent metals in core of planet


Star Trek is partly true: transparent metals in core of planet

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to the old habit of giving science fiction stories scientists food for thought. In Hamburg (Germany) is one of the constatatie metals that may be transparent, as was suggested in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This was again demonstrated that the nature juggles with the imagination of the people.


We must quickly make a note in the transparency of metals: This property applies only to X-rays. The faculty in Hamburg FLASH discovered this after a laser with a capacity of ten million gigawatt per square centimeter on a thin aluminum foil. It received the aluminum as much energy, all electrons were blown away.

Metals are chemically characterized by their small number of electrons in their outer shell. When a bond issue, we sought an octet structure where those atoms as soon as possible lose their electrons. When metals bind themselves, there is no tendency of the atomic electrons of another to take over which an electron flow occurs. If an electron is removed from divested the substance, there are other electrons available to absorb this loss. Because all the electrons in this experiment away from the aluminum, they are not replaced and the X-ray photons not absorbed.

This state of transpartantie was only a tiny fraction of a second kept as is more common in experiments on quantum level. After the electrons are blown away by the tremendous brand of energy, there are only ions remaining. They are not blown away, the ions are so apart Gerets. This shocked the team not to: it was able to a new state of matter to create as close as normal matter, but extremely warm. And have it just the form of matter that can be found in the center of large planets like Jupiter.

For this we can expect more results, additional tests must be done on the Linac Coherent Light Source in California, a laser that produces higher-energy X-rays than the FLASH devices of Hamburg. Be sure prosecuted.