Stop Being Negative - Lady of Light

Lady of Light

"Stop being negative. By being negative you support and spread negativity and hatred." - Lady of Light


There is no need to continue to spread negative energy. Negative energy promotes hatred and bias, which leads to prejudice. In my eyes, there is no need for this. Instead of spreading negativity, we should be turning it around to spread positivity.


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Times like these could certainly use a little more positive energy.:)

Alot of strange activity going on in this country anyway.


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Negativity will only ever result in more negativity. It isn't math: It's energy. All energy exerts an effect on all other energy. This is exactly why we must all realize the effect we have on everything else and stop thinking of ourselves in isolated terms. For example, when you see someone else in a bad way, how do you justify leaving them to their misery and not trying to help? If you can do that, clear conscience or not, you are not living compassionately or "fully". You justify both your actions and their plight in some way that leaves you on a moral high ground.

How about when you're in need and no one comes to your aid? Same thing again. Justification, rationalization, blah blah blah. But no results. Knock on effect is more misery.

So, just a little bit of effort to help another person -- even if you're in a worse place than they are! -- changes that spin. It makes things a little nicer for everyone. It takes practice >> No, seriously. It takes practice to grow the metaphorical balls to do it, because there's always the risk that someone will freak out, right? Or they might throw it back in your face, right? Yes, that happens too. So what? Who looks like the lunatic? The lunatic does. Be the one who wears their love and compassion, and thereby *sanity* on their sleeve. Wear it proudly. It is your badge of honor.

Evolve fearlessly, people. It's the only way forward.


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That's a good thing to try :) It certainly would be a nicer world to live in if we all did that. :)

I can't understand those who don't "seem" to at least let it bother them, for not helping somebody. How do they sleep at night?