Stunning Venus Annunlar Eclipse Photos

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This is awesome:

Millions of people in our world directly witnessed this awesome, profoundly-powerful natural planetary event of cyclic nature, both short term (8 years) and over eons of time (25,920 years) -- the Venus Annular Eclipse of May 20,, 2012.

The latter one is a completion of a regional, intra-arm (Orion Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy) cycle that returns to the zero point in terms of time of 25,920 years and starts another cycle anew.

I was fortunate enough to witness this event that was recorded all over the world, from East to West and this event is a more profound event that most people realize. It's the kind of shift that is at is truly paradigm-shifting, historic in cosmic scope that has the kind of power that can usher in the return of the feminine/goddess energy to balance out our unbalanced world.

From East to West. Think about that.

The Goddess/Venus energy will start to pop up everywhere quietly, yet quickly in many places all over the world ... and it's in those little moments of appreciation, of love, of beauty, of seeing the inner moments of magic that moves you deeply in your own lives is there the love in the moment will be found.

There is no need to wait for others to bring forth each one's own flow of the Venusian energies -- you can bring forth those energies yourselves moment-to-moment in your lives here and now in the Spring of 2012. It's time for our Feminine/Goddess energies to spring forth! In both female and male beings. Both of them.

I was moved, truly moved when I saw these photos. East to West. Think about that.

Source of the photos -- it's a great slideshow:




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That looks awesome! I wish I could've seen it. :( Oh well, others did see it, and they were able to capture it all around the world at different levels of blockage.


Yeah I wasn't able to see it either, I wish I could've seen it I would definitely tried to take some pictures.