David Wilcock Latest blog - Mass Arrests / Divine Intervention: New Briefings (Finally!) June 8th 2012


I am not really in to David Wilcock but her has a new blog:

Finally, after months of no new insider updates, one of our top sources has gotten new information about how Divine Intervention is shaping the mass arrests that have been planned. The news is very exciting -- and very positive.


We are not alone -- and we never have been. Extraterrestrial humans, widely regarded in ancient folklore as "angels," "elves," "leprechauns," "faeries," "jinn", et cetera, have been guiding and helping us all along.

Virtually every single ancient culture reports human-looking "gods" who came and brought them written language, mathematics, agriculture, irrigation, animal husbandry, building techniques, astronomy and extensive spiritual teachings.

Gigantic stone structures have been erected within the vast majority of these ancient cultures as well -- following remarkably common patterns worldwide. Such feats still strain our current technology almost to its limits.

"Boskop" skulls have been found in South Africa, Mesoamerica, Siberia and elsewhere, with double our current brain size -- as reported by Discover Magazine in December 2009. No known human deformity can explain these skulls.

It is quite astonishing that in the face of this much data, we still have not reached a point where the reality of ancient ET contact and assistance is considered common knowledge.

Any widespread recognition of this fact will inevitably create a legendary shift in our society -- regardless of how many people will claim to have known it all along.


After several hundred years of frustrating obscurity, it appears that we are on the verge of a stunning mass awakening -- to the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial humans guiding our development here on Earth, behind the scenes.

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Ya.......... I am not going anywhere near David Wilcock's site to read the rest of this.

The guy's a fraud. Possibly the result of some mind control experiment. It's been showing for some time now that there's something just no right about this guy.

Look, I'm not saying that the information that he presents is bad. Some of it is very useful, especially for helping to wake the sleeping masses. However, he is fed his information and disinformation from many sources and he believes EVERYTHING that he "psychicly" or otherwise sees/hears. He is far too naive for me to follow or believe anything he says especially when it comes to his predictions. So you won't find me following the links to Divine Cosmos anytime soon.