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Day has brought to my attention that she would like to have some Native icons added to the icon list i know that this is possible but i cannot do this as a Mod Rumas or Lady of Light if you can do this for her this would greatly appreciated.

Here is one site Native American Icons to retreive some icons from...thanks in advance.....ricklbert...... By the way my grandfather is 100% Mi'kmaq (Micmac)native from Quebec this would be nice to have a few including the dreamcatcher....Thank You. O'weliaq.

I have attached a zip file as well with all the icons from this site listed above


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Great idea OK.
I added a bunch. 148 were added. Click more then scroll download to find them.


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OSD SGI Unalii Rumas and Ricklbert !!

Great and big thank you Friends !!

they are all so very beautiful and love so much that you added the three dreamcatchers that I sent Ricklbert


these icons carry such beautiful meanings