Anti Gang Stalking Effort
First Off, drop the term Targeted Individual. They chose me but it will be me who is known as targeting them. I am not a victim and it is not my fault they were stupid enough to choose me.

Everyone dealing with this PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Almost everything they do is via subliminal suggestion. They can do almost anything you think they can and can do almost NOTHING you think they cannot. They kill people everyday but only because these people believed they can. Sounds strange but the mind is a powerful thing and you have to start stalking them if you ever want them to stop stalking you.

I am curious what I am seeing these days. Not sure what is suggestion and what is real. Does anyone else see anything strange in this picture?


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I understand what you're saying, the mind is very powerful and i try and be careful. They make you believe that the world or whole town is against you, to make you feel crazy and alone, when its not everyone. They dont have magical powers, they just do things to make you think they do.


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I tried to edit but had trouble. I wanted to say that i feel there is more to gang stalking than just government and everyday people, but also spiritual. Jesus was gang stalked, lied about and persecuted etc. I feel satan is also influencing these people, using them. We all have a choice to be good or bad. This is phycological and spiritual warfare. Also some occultism, which is very evil itself. Mind control etc etc.