Sunlight cures skin cancer


Sunlight cures skin cancer

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


ROTTERDAM - People with a high concentration of vitamin D are more likely to survive colon or skin cancer than people with a deficit. Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D.

Colorectal cancer patients with high vitamin D have 50 percent more likely to heal. Another study has shown that people with skin cancer and a high concentration of vitamin D have more smaller tumors. It also reduces the risk of tumor recurrence by one third.

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Abosofrigginlutely!!! Now this is right up my alley! Vitamin D helps to heal a whole slew of thing in the human body. I haven't had a cold or the flu since I've been either a) in the sun (summer mostly), or b) taking vitamin D supplements (winter mostly). I don't generally get sick when sick people are around me and I attribute it all to the vitamin D in my system because before this discovery that I made about the health benefits, I got sick a lot. Not anymore. Natural supplements are best (ie. cod liver oil, which IS available in pill form), but the other ones do work.

Thanks for the post ricklbert!!

Boiling Frog

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You want to get your vitamin D as close to natural as possible. Any vitamin that is in white powdery pill form has been highly processed and are no where near as good as getting it from an unprocessed source such as cod liver oil.

The same processed white powdery vitamins going in many food so they can brag on the label that it has a certain vitamin in it. If they tried to sell their products without the vitamins, it would be nutrition-less, and who would buy it? Milk, bread and cereal fall under this category.


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Most of our foods fall into that category. It's unfortunate. But, yes, natural sources are best. If we could get milk straight from the cow (non-pasturized), we'd be a lot healthier. Any natural foods (not gmo) that have the vitamins we need, in this case D, are the best things for our bodies and our minds. We are fortunate that our bodies can produce the vitamin D naturally from what the sun gives us.

We need to spend MORE time outside and less time kept trapped away in our homes and workplaces. Freedom = Health = Overall Happiness

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I never really thought about it that way. Sun is healthy for us. I know that it heats us and gives us light, but apart from that, i guess i've just always taken what they've said on tv as fact. I'm waking up to the truth and i want to learn more. I want to be healthy and I want to see through all these lies and myths. This is really good information and i'm glad i've read it.