Vitamin D or sunlight protects against multiple sclerosis


Vitamin D or sunlight protects against multiple sclerosis
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Scientists from the University of Oxford have discovered a link between the disease multiple sclerosis (MS) and vitamin D, says the Sunday Times. According to that study, a dose of the 'sunshine vitamin' help serious auto immune disease, which many people take to combat.

Demonstrable link
Investigator Professor George Eber, professor of clinical neurology at the University of Oxford, argues that there is a clearly demonstrable link between the gene that increases the risk of MS and vitamin D.

Genetic vulnerability
According to Eber, a shortage of this vitamin during pregnancy or the youth the opportunity to significantly increase MS and is, caused by vitamin lack, vulnerability to the disease hereditary.

Pregnant women and children
The administration of vitamin D supplements to pregnant women and small children it can lead to a significant decrease in disease.

No chance
"During our investigation, we have two important pieces of the puzzle-MS linked. We have found that the interaction between vitamin D and MS gene caused very specific, and that here there can be no coincidence. This thinking I that we have uncovered a potential treatment for MS in the future elimination, "says Eber to the Sunday edition of the Times.

Nuanced view of sunbathing
This discovery may also have implications for the current warnings against too much sun, as this can cause skin cancer. Because it's the same sun that us, naturally, vitamin D provides what researchers in Oxford, has raised to call for a more nuanced view of sunbathing.

Especially in northern areas
The conclusions of Professor Eber and his team also help explain why the disease occurs most often in northern regions and why, as previously demonstrated in November, fewer people with MS were born in May

That seems to indicate a link between sunlight and vitamin D, and the disease. For mothers who give birth in May, were pregnant during the dark winter months. In the months before the birth of November babies' mother was able to enjoy many Sunny days.